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Yoga Experts Suggests Simple Yoga Asanas to get relief from Migraine

Posted by : Radhika Sharan on | Aug 26,2021

The nervous system is relaxed when you stretch the body, stretching the body can reduce the level of stress, and reducing stress can help the pain of migraine under control. It also stretches the lower back and relaxes the spine. Yoga Teacher Training School Rishikesh

5) Padmasana (The Lotus Pose)

Padmasana helps to lower down the headaches and relaxes the mind. It is one of the easiest asanas to be performed. To increase focus and concentration of mind this asana is best because when the concentration power is increased, the mind gets relaxed and away from all the distractions which help the mind to get focused and keep the mind still and calm.

All the above yoga poses helps to get relief from the migraine and it decreases anxiety and calms the brain. Yoga has no side effects. Doing these easy yoga poses for few minutes daily can help you to prepare yourself better for migraine attacks.