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Why we should use Selenium for UI testing

Posted by : akhilapriya on | Mar 19,2019

Why we should use Selenium for UI testing

Today Selection of testing tool is a big task. If we see software communities, we can see how they solve their own issues. Just like that selenium online training is your best UI testing tool, based on real and exact software projects.

Why User Interface

We have many different places, you can start it by using testing software. UI testing is done under, different stages. Like tiny units, watching how methods work together, with total API and small and simple Scenarios in UI and critical product usage. Each layer is important. API and everything will give you a feel for code quality and few basic functionalities. By testing UI, you know things, from a variant perspective.

Why Selenium

Web Driver triggers real events in browsers like button and mouse clicks. Entering events, text from the keyboard. Think about each step as building and Designing Block. Aligned together, they start a technical team for making powerful things. Here we have many common reasons for utilizing a web driver.

Designing Automated Checks

Generally, many Developer use selenium suite of tools is to get a specific set of commands and they check status. To check If a user is logged in and if the book goes into a shopping cart or a transaction process.

It contains checks to design sure buttons and labels that present on a page. Data that you designed and saved correctly. Directional aspects of software in test work exactly. Or any types of other attributes in your product.

You can utilize web driver to ask questions, that you can answer with a simple yes or no. After that, a web driver will send out a report with a number of assertions. Once fail or pass, where the error may occur.

Once you have completed designing your checks. You can operate them at a time. So many times, you can use them as a tool to know problems. Alternatively, even unwanted changes in between Designs.

Questions, which you ask in scripts known as binary and usually process of operating and writing them with few times will show latest and important bugs that scripts need to look at them.

Working with Long-Running Tasks

Very long and repetitive tasks considered as rich and that difficult for people to get through. Humans will lose concentration or they lose Interest in goal, and it leads to mistakes. Scripts do not make Mistakes. They will do the same thing each time. So when a simple task needed to work out. You need a Junior person, on team given instruction, get access to work from senior people. But some people occasionally end doing work, that a program may best be suited. If there is a need to design any numbers of different users or Gigabytes of Data, you can take help of Selenium.

Until now, we have seen selenium, but sometimes selenium may not support. If your manager heard of this latest tool, that which works magically. Sometimes we have to use another tool, for solving issues in your project.

What if another tool?

We have many tools available for testing UI. Containing other free options. In besides of Selenium certification. I am sure you go with Google Search.

So, why you have to select, this tool when we have many other tools available.

Improving Browser Support

The W3C web Driver specification will be finalized soon and with that, we will get web driver Implementations, from the Designers of the Browser designers. What it explains, is that you do not need to worry about the browser upgrades and breaking tests. That you spent much time designing. A specification means that vendors will get updates of their web driver Implementation, exactly with latest browser versions.

A Huge Support System

Selenium is already known as the best and most popular testing framework in the world. Known as open source. This explains all modifications in the project happened because of Community. This community help from solving problems.

Selenium is Completely Featured

Selenium Development follows need and requirements of the community that utilizes it. You can simply and easily see the latest features available. What is getting soon by looking at code? If designing a feature is not fast enough. This is all about Selenium training.