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Why Modern College Students Have Less Time for Studying

Posted by : Hailie Hills on | May 23,2019

Today, college students are devoting little time to studying because a tempo of life is faster than it was several years ago. There are a lot of things to do except for studying. After lessons, Mark is working to provide himself for college. Ian wants to become a professional basketball player, so he is training most of the time and has no time for studying. Veronica prefers having fun and enjoys her youth, and, as a result, she becomes pregnant and is getting to know adulthood early in life. Sometimes rash resolves, work, and leisure activities of college students can become the causes of why they spend less time on studying; however, young people have to remember that they will not be able to succeed in their careers without quality education.

Part-time work after classes

Mark is working as a salesman in a building store. He needs money to pay for his studies because his parents are not able to support him. In response to a perceived increase in the cost of college, students could be working more and studying less. It is the main, but not the sole cause of why Mark works after study. The second reason is Mark’s personal wish: he wants to be not worse than the other students and to have an appropriate image among his friends. That is why Mark is collecting money for a new car because his old car is out of date. The boy works 20 hours per week; he comes home late every night, so he has no strength and desire to learn. He gets failing grades in college but his rating is still fair, so he does not think about it. The student is not lazy; he works hard to provide himself with constantly growing material needs. He can work as a salesman up to his retirement; however, in the future, he will not be able to support his prospective family needs.

Sports and other activities

Ian is a tall and handsome young man, a second-year student of the college, and the best basketball player in his college team. He devotes all his free time to training because his coach tells him that he is a very talented player. Ian’s aim is to grow into a professional basketball player; that is why he takes no interest in theoretical learning. He is smart enough, so he can learn everything during a lesson or a break. That is why Ian does not study at home and diminishes his studying hours. There are other students like Ian, who appear to be studying less and spending extra time on leisure activities. Some of them play football, and others dance; somebody acts in the college theatre group, and someone works as a volunteer several hours per week. Those students are physically and mentally active; they prefer such leisure activities to study. However, every profession, either a basketball player or a dancer, needs good education as well.

More students choose to have fun and amusements instead of extra studies

Students appear to be studying less not because of working for pay but because of having more free time for fun. Veronica belongs to this group of people. She attends dance clubs and evening parties, enjoys life and spends time with friends. She thinks that studying is not worth wasting her free time on. As a result, after another party she becomes pregnant, but her boyfriend does not want this baby and leaves. However, Veronica’s doctor forbids her having an abortion for health reasons – the girl will not have children in the future if she has an abortion. Fortunately, her parents support her in the decision to save the pregnancy. Veronica often misses her classes because of feeling sick. She forgets to do her homework; however, she does not forget to eat hourly because it is necessary for her baby. The girl is now not only a student but also a prospective mother, and she has many more responsibilities than studying in college. That is another reason for some students studying less. This reason is important but such students have to realize that they will have to find a good job when their babies will grow up. And it is impossible without quality education.


Modern students have a lot of work to do besides studying. They are active, busy, and are engaged in different occupations. They work, go in for sports, have fun, and become parents – all these events cause college students to study less than ever before. Moreover, if being parents is an important and complicated stage of life, then having fun is just a waste of time which mostly causes these changes. College students assume too many responsibilities; that is why they often forget about the studies. They do want to study; however, they are not able to make everything in time because of a lot of other activities going on. The best way to overcome these difficulties is to organize time properly and try to use it with benefit.

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