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What strategies can I use to improve in PTE repeat sentences

Posted by : Prajakta on | Aug 21,2021

What strategies can I use to improve in PTE repeat sentences

The PTE Academic, Speaking section, repeat sentence may be given trouble to many. In this section, you will listen to an audio sentence in English and you have to repeat it back correctly once you have immediately finished with the audio. This task not only needs a good understanding of the English language but also good memory to repeat the sentence that you have heard. Here you have to take care of five aspects. Attention to the intonation, word order, fluency, attention to the words, and punctuation.

Intonation is the variation in the frequency level of the voice. With the help of intonation, we can understand the expressions and thoughts that go with the words. Intonation helps to break the sentences and stick in your head better than listening or reading something in a flat voice. At the speaking section, repeat sentence task, you have to speak the real way you have heard the audio. This will help you to get a high score.

We understand the meaning of the sentence, we are hearing it in the same way, but when we repeat we may add our own words and styles to explain. But in a repeat sentence task, we cannot add or say the sentence in our style or sentences of explanation. You need to repeat the same words in the same order to get the full marks. We need to remember the words in the proper order. For that, you have to listen carefully and process the words. Even though you are mixing up the words you will get the credit, but not full. So if you are lacking in this task, take more time to practice it. Listen to more audio and try to remember the sentences.

When you speak, make sure you are using the words fluently. This is very important in the PTE Academic examination. You can repeat or start and stop halfway while you talk. Make sure if you start sentences, and then finish it too. Even if you made any mistakes in intonation or wording, and you are fluent in repeating the sentence, again you have the chance to score well. So fluency is very important.

While you hear you can understand the variation in speaking. Punctuation is the thing you cannot hear in the speaking, but you have to understand by the changes in tone. In the repeating sentence task in the speaking section, you need to follow the same way the speaker talks, so the punctuation will also come clearly. This will help to get a good score.

To become an expert in this part you need to remember 4 to 5 words initially and repeat them in proper pronunciation. With a daily practice of at least 30 minutes, you will see the changes in yourself. In the PTE academic, the candidate may get accents ranging from different parts of the world. You have to listen to a lot of videos and listen to the news. This will help you to understand the different accents and your mind can adapt to that.

In the PTE Academic, repeat sentence task, you can follow many strategies like visualization of the situation, you have heard. Otherwise, you can note down some words you are not too familiar with, or you need to remember. Otherwise, you can note down the first letters of the words that you have heard.

These repeating sentence tasks are very important to score well because this score contributes to your speaking and listening section too. So while you attempt this section, be calm and not be in a hurry to get a better score.

There are many videos available on YouTube to practice your task. Watch English language movies and understand the accents. Listen to the BBC news channel. Practice the tasks for at least 30 minutes every day. Try to get a PTE exam mock test online free and practice there too. This will increase your confidence level to face the PTE Mock tests Academic examination. Good luck