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What makes ball pen a popular writing instrument

Posted by : elkospens on | Nov 26,2019

What makes ball pen a popular writing instrument

Probably the most common part and parcel of our lives, a ballpoint pen is an essential writing instrument that none of us can do without. Do you realize that every time you have to fill out a form or write down a note the pen you use makes an impression?With so many choices of pens out there today it can easily get a bit confusing – do I need a ballpoint, gel or a rollerball pen? Having such a wide choice to choose from though isn’t a bad thing as it gives you plenty of options when looking for a pen to fit your needs however ball pens is still by far one of the most popular choice among students, professionals and artists.

Some of the reasons that make it one of the most sought out writing instrument are:

Convenience- The tip of the ball pen is made of a round tool that helps the ink to expose smoothly and the oily ink does not spread. So, ball pens are much more comfortable and convenient .

Less leak-prone-Ballpoint pens are easy to handle and less prone to leakage. It uses instant-drying ink that rolled smoothly onto the page, and could write even at high altitudes.

Usually inexpensive-Ball pens is an inexpensive writing instrument which are typically designed to be discarded after the ink runs dry. They win mass acceptance aswriting instrument of choice around the world.

Smears less-In a ballpoint, the ink is oil-based and therefore it takes a little bit longer to dry. The good thing is that the ink tends to smear less during the drying process. If you have a habit of running fingers over recently written lines while you’re adding more, ballpoint is probably a good choice for you.

Well suited for artwork-Artists also prefer to use ball pens to create fine lines or doodle on paper.It is used to create different types of sketch that require the illusion of depth, volume and form.