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What is Hospitality in Hotels

Posted by : YOC on | Oct 14,2019

Hospitality is all about the service you get while visiting the hotels; it is all about the best customer service. Hospitality in hotels and hospitality at a different place is slightly different which you will get to understand after reading the entire blog. We have prepared this blog to make you understand more about what is hospitality in the hotel.

As fast as customer services are developing and organizing, the industry of hospitality is growing too. This is one of the most famous industries among businesses. According to the statics, every 2.5 second creates new jobs in the hospitality industry and this is one of the most essential reason due to which this industry is growing. In India, there are about millions of jobs, which is just an approx. figure and on increase every day. Now, if you have already known about this industry, you must have understood what hospitality in hotels is and moreover what does hospitality means and why it is so important?

What is Hospitality?

Hospitality whether you talk about in hotels or anywhere else is as same as the customer service provides by an organization to its customers. The industry of hospitality is broad and has so many further categories. The person who belongs to the hospitality or particularly works in the hospitality field has to be soft, co-coordinating, organized, warm and friendly. These are chief points of a person who belongs to the hospitality field and hospitality is all about the service provide by the experts to the customers to make their work easy. Hospitality is the temperament or equality of treating and receiving visitors or outsiders in a friendly, generous and warm way. You can easily understand the concept of hospitality with an example: suppose you have visited a hotel for a business meeting purpose or even for vacations, as soon as you entered the hotel entrance what you have expected with the service? It must be a facility that guides you in various functionalities of the hotel. A person who can assist you in formalities and then room services which make it easy for you to stay there. Is this all that we want when we visit hotels and hospitality is all about to provide the best services to the customers who visit the hotel.

People who belong to the hospitality industry usually work in restaurants, hotels and convention centers. The main jobs in the hospitality industry are hotel clerks, hotel general manager, meetings and conference center planners, housekeeping cleaners, maids, executive chefs, concierges, and maitre d’. These are the most common jobs of the hospitality industry and all the people belong to it, work in these positions. As you have all noticed that most of the jobs are associated with the hotel industry, now the question arises why hospitality is classified with convention centers and hotels? The answer is there is a dissimilar experience you will get to notice from the people who work in the hospitality industry and hotels. They get the type of training that they only treat the customer with amazing hospitality to make them satisfied and happy. They have to work in a way that when any guest arrives in the hotel, they will only get to see the best and feel warm, friendly and honored. Space, where the guest is going to stay, should be neat and clean all the time and must be welcomed. The excellence of these facilities should know to show the hospitality of the hotel. The hoteliers need to provide the customers with the warmth facilities to serve with the best hospitality. People who belong to hospitality work continuously to be sure that the visitors visit their hotel feels comfortable and welcomed. Hospitality is more likely related to customer service as serving with the best customer service is the kind of expectation which expects by every person who relates to the hotel and hospitality industry. The experience when you visited a retail store or any ordinary is different from the experience of visiting hotels which is why hospitality is more belongs to the hotel.

Here, we have listed a few best hospitality services provided by the hotels to provide comfort and make the customers happy.

1 A touch of personalization

Keeping up with the best hospitality means work in the favor of guests, according to the guest and make them satisfied with service. Nowadays, hotels are using digital assistants in the hotel rooms to make the service best. It makes it easy for customers to get what they want instantly without facing any problem. Also, these digital assistants make it easy for hoteliers to provide the best services to the customers.

2. Hotels are prompt, specific and responsive with feedback.

In this technological era, good hospitality also means responding to the customer’s feedback whether they are good or bad. Hoteliers have to be little more responsible with the feedbacks provided by the customers as mostly ever customer relies totally on the feedbacks and reviews either they want to check the hospitality frame of the hotel or express the experience they have to get in the hotels so most of the hotels that provide the best hospitality prompt with the feedbacks.

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