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Weight Loss Journey With Naturopathy

Posted by : Moksha Naturopathy on | Mar 26,2021

Gaining weight is quite easy but losing weight does not have any shortcut. But a good weight loss program should include modification in the lifestyle, making changes in the diet plan, doing workouts, etc. With all this keep in mind that one should not harm their health, for this, you should stick to a natural and safe diet which can be maintained easily. 

Naturopathy is one of the most effective ways to lose weight as it believes in healing the body naturally rather than depending on several other methods such as using weight loss pills, doing vigorous exercise, and starving yourself. Weight Loss Center helps in providing the best naturopathy treatment for weight gain issues. Naturopathy aligns the chakras of the body and removes all the toxins from the body which cleans it from the roots.

Weight loss journey with naturopathy involves certain steps such as:

  • Understanding The Problem- It is very much important for a naturopathic physician to know the mental and physical state of the person dealing with weight issues. The patient can have a past chronic illness, which can also be the reason for weight gain. Other problems include hormonal disbalance, cardiovascular disease, abnormal thyroid secretion, etc, can also be the reason for weight gain.

  • Eliminating The Factors Of Weight Gain- It is very much important to control the reasons causing weight gain. Every individual has a different body type, so it is very much important to design programs as per the body type of the patient. Moksha naturopathy which is a Naturopathy centre in Pune helps in designing programs as per the body type of each patient.

  • Retaining the Bodyweight Balance- It is very much important to maintain the body mass index at the right place. Some lifestyle changes suggested by Naturopathy Centre Pune helps in bringing back the confidence. 


Naturopathy finds the root cause of weight gain in your body and provides natural weight to shed those extra kilos that you have put on. Some most common herbs used in Naturopathy to lose weight:

  • Gurmar- Gurmar helps in fighting many diseases as well as improves digestion and helps in cutting down the amount of cholesterol in your body. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing triglyceride levels in the body which burns the body fat. 

  • Coconut oil- It is the most common herb used to reduce weight. Since coconut oil is thermogenic in nature, it warms up the metabolic rate of the body and regulates weight loss. It is the most healthier cooking oil and has been recognized as a superfood globally.

  • Mangosteen- It is derived from a flower and is considered a powerful herb. The chemical which is present naturally in mangosteen is believed to stop the production of fat cells in the body as well as regulate and break down the earlier deposited fat cells. It also helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the body and promotes good heart health.

  • Betel Leaves- The extracts from the green leaves of betel leaves help in lowering the BMI. It also regulates several functions of the body. There is many weight loss center which recommends taking betel leaves for weight loss but they also have some side effects. Always consult a physician at Naturopathy Centre Pune to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of using betel leaves.


Naturopathy is one of the safest ways to lose weight naturally. The treatments provided by naturopathy give effective results which last long. But it is always advisable to consult a doctor before going for any weight loss program so that the particular program can be designed as per your body type.