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Ways to generate funds for Buying Home

Posted by : Pooja Agrawal on | Jun 27,2019

It gives a great sense of pleasure and accomplishment of buying a home at an early stage of your life. We all think of it as a basic necessity for which a substantial financial commitment has to be made towards it. When it comes to meeting the down payment requirements of a home, it can get challenging. A huge amount has to be parted at once in the form of the down payment for which most of all struggle. You must make ample savings that could not only fulfil the dream of buying a home but also satisfy the daily needs.


Many working class people tend to choose the assured traditional ways in order to generate funds for the down payment. Some of them are as follows:


  1. Borrow money from family and friends.

  2. Saving a fixed amount from your salary for some time.

  3. Liquidating your contingency funds like FD, mutual funds or even selling your property.

  4. Taking a loan against your property

  5. Taking a loan from the bank or any other lending institutions.


Along with all the above-mentioned ways of raising the funds for the down payment, a novel and unique method have been introduced to the Indian populace recently. HomeCapital has introduced its interest-free Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Program for the home buyers. It is their conviction that everyone ought to get an opportunity to buy a home at an early stage of their life. They help the buyers meet their down payment needs to fulfil the dreams of buying the house of their choice.


It has pioneered the Down Payment Assistance Program through its technology platform and brings together financial institutions, developers and home buyers together to facilitate the home buying procedure. On the projects listed in the Program, home buyers can apply and receive Interest-free down payment assistance. An in-depth guide is also provided in the Indian context for the home buyers which will take you through various stages of home buying, detailing the factors affecting the decision at each stage and help you make an informed decision weighing all facts and figures.


So, thanks to HomeCapital, you can now get an interest-free loan for a home down payment requirements and purchase your dream home today rather than some time in future. Those millions of prospective home buyers who are eligible for a home loan but face the down payment hurdle, HomeCapital expands the offerings by regularly including new projects in the Program.


HomeCapital has revolutionized the process of home buying in the current times. It’s no longer mandatory to wait for a long time to collect your savings to meet the down payment requirement for your new house.