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Value Of Sports

Posted by : Anandita Pandey on | Apr 16,2013

Value of Sports

Sports has a very important place in our lives. It makes us disciplined and shows us the significance of regularity. Playing a sport every day sets a routine for us,  at the same time making us a better player. It gives us the ability and attitude to try hard under all circumstances.

We not only strive hard to give our best in each game we play and improve but also teaches us not to be bogged down by failure. We fall only to get op just one more time... again and again.

Every student should take up at least one sport of his choice and practice daily for at least an hour. It does not mean disturbance in studies, it just means to exercise to keep healthy and prepare yourself for taking everything in your stride. It freshens up our mind and body. We will work hard in anything only if we are healthy in mind and body: this is what sports gives us!

Can you imagine that sports builds up our character too? In offices, there are departmental picnics and lots of games are planned. It is the easiest way to know about various employees --- the ones who take up a fight, some who cannot digest failure, some who mock at others because they won while others who show team spirit too!

We all learn right from our school days how to defeat fellow students in studies and get a better rank in class. sports teaches us how to take defeat gracefully. It does not mean that you have a laid back attitude. It only means let the better player win. It teaches you that you should work harder at the game, practice more and some more and come back and play a better game.

Mr. Mittal always gifted a sports item such as a racket, T.T. bat, chess board etc. to children who invited him to their birthday party. Each of these children learnt one sport every year and to this day they are all thankful to him! He gave the children a real gift for life.

Sports gives you leadership qualities too. It teaches team spirit : making the most of positive attributes of each player in the team and playing not for attaining individual goals but for your team. The team takes utmost importance and not individual scores or other differences, whatsoever. Planning and practicing are the code words for playing any sport well.

Training is another vital factor for any player to understand the science of the game. Today, coaches have understood that it's not only about talent and knowing the nuances of the game. It is also about having a healthy mind and a healthy body, positive thinking, discipline, work outs, yoga and positive self assertion. Someone has rightly remarked that a game is first won in the mind and then on the field! To win you have to think like a winner, train like a winner. This is why stadiums have yoga centers  gymnasiums and also provision for nutritionists and doctors specialized in sports medicine for sportsmen.

India is a haven of talent in every field including sports. Given proper facilities, our players have the ability to prove their might in every sport.