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Types of Outdoor Adverts You Must Know For Better Branding

Posted by : Rashmi on | Nov 23,2018

In the world of digital and online marketing, a banner or a sticker ad might seem like an outdated idea. But this highly underrated traditional method of advertisement is much more than you think.  Advertising your brand traditionally along with digital will give you better results. Advertising your brand through traditional methods will give you a higher reach in the audience and a better brand recognition. In a city like Delhi, which is bustling with people, a banner would be a perfect eye-catcher.  Banner advertisement includes a variety of segments like flex boards, digital vinyl print, one way vision sticker, and more. We will detail every aspect of Digital Banner Printing.


Flex Board:

A Flex Board shouts out a brand name louder than anything else. This is the best way a brand gets seen even at a crowded event. Flex board makers in Delhi like Star Digital Printers offer flex boards in a variety of sizes. A flex board can be huge or small depending upon the customer’s choice.  You can get a beautifully printed flex board that catches the on-lookers attention. This way you can make sure every single person walking by will notice your board and in turn your brand.

One Way Vision Sticker:

One way vision stickers are applied on storefronts, churches, glass doors, vehicle windshields and more. This makes them practical for advertisements on the go. One way vision stickers are similar to flex boards when it comes to outreach. In a big, busy city like Delhi were everyone is constantly on the go a brand sticker on a car windshield would be ideal for the brand to spread awareness. If you wish to get a one way vision sticker ad done you can reach out to brands like star digital prints that create one vision printing in Delhi.

Digital Vinyl Printing:

A Digital Vinyl print is yet another form of print advertisement. This form is also similar to the sticker format.       Digital vinyl prints are flexible and one can wrap a car with these. This way one can promote their brand through automobiles.  And if you are someone who stays in Delhi and wants to get a Digital Vinyl Printing then Star Digital Printers is one agency that provides digital vinyl printing in Delhi.

Sunboard Printing:

A sun board is a light and strong foam board used to mount vinyl prints. Sun boards are usually made of three layers in which polystyrene foam is mounted between two white clay coated papers.  These kinds of boards are often used in large format printing or for store branding.  You can get yourself a sunboard printed at a digital print agency that practices sunboard printing in Delhi.

Standee Printing: 

Standees are those lightweight, carry anywhere kind of banners. These banners are used in promotional events wherein, you can just unroll the standee and set it up where ever you want. A beautifully designed standee can attract a lot of attention from the crowd. If you live in Delhi, you will find a ton of print agencies that provide sunboard printing in Delhi.