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Top Four Adventure Spots In India Ladakh Goa Andaman and Rajasthan

Posted by : Amrita Singh on | May 29,2013

India has embraced adventure sports pretty fast. This article gives a brief description of some of the top adventure destinations in India. If you have a fetish for adrenaline, then you should plan a trip to any of these places.

Yes, India is known for its history, culture, monuments and geography (and even for food)! But it is also keeping in touch with the sassy modern lifestyle. Adventure sport is the ruling trend amongst backpackers. And the country doesn’t disappoint on this count. With better facilities and improving infrastructure, most of the hills and beach destinations of India are offering something to the sport junkie.

Here are some of the most recommended adventure destinations in India. If you call yourself a backpacker, then make sure to sprint away to one of these places this summer:

1. Ladakh: Ladakh tourism is often promoted as India’s number one adventure destination. There is an element of truth in the statement. Ladakh may be a bit remote (since it is situated towards the higher slopes of Himalayas), but its isolation and its open landscape pave way for some of the best sporting locales which the world has to over. The presence of fast-flowing streams and rivers has facilitated sports like kayaking and white river rafting. The windy slopes of the mountains are tailored for a breezy bike ride or mountain cycling! And the natural spots in the mountains offer a delightful escape to the die-hard trekkers. Leh Ladakh packages usually include a number of sports including trekking, camping, jeep safari, white river rafting, kayaking and cycling.

2. Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands: These islands on the left and right of the peninsular India have become the favorite haunts of beach bums. If you are looking for a laid back holiday amidst sea and sunshine, then plan a trip to these exotic islands. Some of the best beaches in the country, like the Radhanagar Beach, are situated in these corners. It is needless to say that these areas are excellent pockets for all kinds of sea sports, including para-sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and jet skiing. While Goa’s beaches may also offer you most of the beach side sports, if you are looking to go underneath the ocean, then Andaman’s corals are the most sought-after.

3. Rajasthan: Rajasthan may be associated with forts, lakes and palaces! But this state has more to it than what meets the eye! Its deserts are being exploited to offer tourists with all kinds of experiences like safari or biking! A camel ride (or a camel safari) is one of the most recommended activities in this corner of the country. Elephant safari is also popularly enjoyed by travelers while visiting many of the sightseeing attractions of Jodhpur and Udaipur. Other sports which are gaining popularity include trekking, hot air balloon and para-sailing.

4. Goa: Goa is the best beach destination in India because of the variety it brings on the table. It has countless beaches which offer sports of all kinds. Anjuna, Baga, Calangute and Candolim are popular beaches where you can dig into all kinds of activities. Para-sailing is the cream of the season, but it can leave you lighter by around Rs 1200. Even a 10-minute steam boating or jet skiing ride can pinch your pocket by Rs 400-500 (per person). But then, it is rightly said that when you are in Goa, you are permitted to splurge!