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Top Eight Benefits of Health Insurance

Posted by : Anna Ruth on | Sep 16,2019

Health insurance is a policy that covers the cost of medical expenses incurred by the policyholder during a medical emergency. With the consecutive year on year increase in the cost of medical treatments, it can be rightly stated that Health is Wealth. 


Changing lifestyles, increased intake of fast food, rise in pollution levels, obesity and many other factors have adverse negative impacts on an individual’s health. These negative impacts may result in various health-related issues and diseases. 


Moreover, the cost associated with the treatment of such diseases is increasing rapidly. In order to take a financial precaution against exorbitant medical bills, it is advisable to invest in health insurance plans that will provide coverage for the incurred medical expenditure. 


Presently, there are many health insurance policy providers available in the market that provides different schemes and plans as per the requirement of the individual. Health insurance policies provide various benefits to policy bearer. Most of the health insurance plans mainly cover many pre and post-hospitalization charges. The list below shows some of the most important benefits of taking a health insurance plan.


Top 8 Benefits of Health Insurance


1. Pre Hospitalization Cost 

A health insurance plan provides free of cost pre-hospitalization treatments which mainly benefits the policyholder for covering the financial expenses incurred before hospitalization. It provides free pre-hospitalization treatment to the policyholder for which the policyholders don’t have to bear any cost.


2. Cashless Benefit 

A health insurance provider ensures a cashless benefit to the insurer. In such a scenario a health insurer is not liable to pay anything from her pocket. The hospitalization cost is borne by the insurance company and the hospital. Cashless treatment is ensured during the policy period. A policyholder remains non-liable for any monetary payment.


3. No Claim Bonus

If a health insurance policy is not claimed by an insurer for a longer duration, insurance companies also provide no claim bonus to the policyholder. It also enables a reduction in the premium charged. 


4. Financial Protection

A health insurance policy gives financial protection to the insurer. It ensures financial security in case of any medical emergency. It reduces the risk of heavy financial expenditure on medical treatments. A health insurance policy acts as a financial protector to the insurer in case of a medical emergency when immediate treatment is required.


5. Large Network

A health insurance plan provides a large network of hospitals to choose from. A policyholder can reach all the partner hospitals of a particular insurance company for treatments.


6. Critical Illness Covered

A health insurance plan can also provide coverage for critical illnesses. It provides a financial safeguard against expenses involved in the treatment of critical illnesses. It, also, ensures safety to the insurer in case of a sudden chronic illness.


7. Additional Benefits

An insurer, also, gets additional benefits such as ambulance coverage, coverage for health check-up and vaccination expenses under a health insurance plan.


8. Post Hospitalization Cost

A good health insurance plan may also provide post-hospitalization cost coverage to the policyholder. It enables the policy bearer to take benefit of free post-hospitalization treatments.


Thus, as we can see, there are many benefits to investing in a good health insurance plan. No wonder having a health insurance policy is mandatory for every Swiss citizen.