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Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Posted by : Manya Singh on | Mar 26,2013

Tirta Gangga Water Palace is a beautiful garden with magnificent water bodies. It was built as a royal palace and carries plenty of historic and regal legacies. Situated in Karangasem, this garden is one of the chief highlights of Bali tourism and is covered under most Bali packages.

In the literal sense, the term ‘Tirta Gangga’ refers to the sacred waters from the river Ganga, one of the most pious rivers in the world and the epitome of auspiciousness for Hindu devotees. The Water Palace is sprawled out over a large area and makes for a lovely stroll amidst the green grasses and the lush fountains. The fountains are studded with sculptured statues which are evenly spaced out and lend this place its one-of-a-kind look.

There is a nominal fee which tourists have to shell out while entering the garden. But you can be sure that it will be worth it. The garden is more beautiful than it sounds and a couple of hours in its company can be a real balm to the eye.

Another great thing about the Tirta Gangga Water Palace is that one can enjoy swimming in its waters. You need to pay an additional fee to take a dive, but again, the fun would be worth more than the small sum you have to shell. For enjoying a lovely stroll in the afternoon or taking a cool dive in the pellucid waters, this place is perfect. Bali tourism officials must also be congratulated for maintaining the garden to immaculate perfection. The cleanliness and tidiness would really impress you, and enrich your experience.

The pools are also replete with fishes and the panorama offered by the garden is surely a cameraman’s delight. If you’re carrying a camera, then don’t forget to bring it here. You cannot ask for a more scenic and serene place for taking some breathtaking snapshots of the nature. And for the botanist residing within you, there is a very old banyan tree which will definitely give you a sense of thrill.

Things to do in Tirta Gangga Water Palace:

- Walking, strolling, roaming and sightseeing
- Swimming
- Photographing
- Observing the fishes and birds
- Enjoying the smell of flowers and sweet grass

Trivia: Interestingly, there are lots of myths and beliefs involved with this place. One such belief states that if you take a dip in the pool on a full moon night, then you shall be blessed with eternal youth and beauty and will be cured of all diseases.