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Tips to Make Your Car Road Trip Ready

Posted by : Ajay Sharma on | Aug 22,2017

Tips to Make Your Car Road Trip Ready

We’ve all been through situations where in seemingly random conversations with friends suddenly lead to road trip plans being made. The biggest preparation for the journey thereafter lies not in packing stuff. It is ensuring that your car is road trip ready.

Since the distance would be large, and you are bound to find stretches of road with no sign of population or amenities, it becomes imperative to avoid car breakdowns. In the event of a mishap, getting windshield replacement or simple denting in a remote area becomes impossible.

Therefore, one should always head out in a well-prepared, well-maintained, and a well-serviced vehicle.
Here are a few tips to get your car in shape before you hit the long road:

1. If the car is damaged even slightly, get it repaired.
Never head out on a long drive with a car that is not in optimum condition, however minor the damage might be. Think the breaks are a bit tight? Get them checked. See that fender hanging? Tighten it up. The windshield is scratched or cracked? Get immediate auto glass crack repair done. You never know when the damage might get exacerbated on the road.

2. Get all the necessary fluids and oils replaced
The motor oils and liquids are essential to a vehicle’s operation. Check the level of engine oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, coolant, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, etc. and get it all refilled. A routine maintenance check will save you time and money spent on getting the car serviced after it breaks down.

3. Ensure that the wiper blades and tyres aren’t worn out
In the event of an inclement weather, especially when it rains, your vehicle’s wipers will ensure you keep driving, and properly threaded tyres will prevent the car from skidding or aquaplaning. Windshield wiper blades should ideally be replaced every 6-12 months, and the optimum tyre pressure should always be maintained.

4. Get the air conditioning system serviced
Air conditioning system not only prevents you from the heat and the dust on the road but also acts as a dehumidifier and defogger in case of the rain. Make sure that every function of the system is up and running before you set off.

5. Get the lights in order
Ensure that all the lights, including the fog lights, are working properly. Night time visibility is crucial when you are planning overnight journeys.

6. Always carry an emergency kit
It goes without saying that one should always keep an emergency repair kit and a first aid kit in the car. The spare tyre is a life-saver, so make sure that it is not punctured.