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Tips to avoid the most common car breakdowns

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Sep 06,2017

Buying a car in a middle-class family in India is supposed to be one of the biggest purchases. People save all their lives to buy a car for the family. The use and over a course of time of traveling the performance of the car start declining. Then maybe many problems add on with continued use of the car. Common people are not aware of the complex functioning of a car and end up facing problems with the vehicle. This problem should be resolved as early as possible or the customer would end up paying lots of money on fixing the car issues. Boodmo.com - online catalogue gives an insight in to some car issues and breaks down reasons and ways to fix them.

Faulty battery
One common problem that can arise in a car is a flat battery, which decreases the electrical connections. Make it a point to get the electrical connections checked every time the car is taken to a service station. The battery terminals should be protected from corrosion. The battery would not charge if you don't travel for a long journey. You need to get your battery charged overnight in every 15 days. This would keep the battery life longer.

Damaged wheels and tires
If the wheels and tires of a car are damaged and not in good condition it would make your drive very difficult. It is very important to keep a check on the tires frequently. If there is any kind of problem with the tires or wheels are not properly aligned the car should be taken to a service station immediately. If you do not pay attention to this problem it would result in a severe accident or the car would cease to work.

Fault in the alternator
Dim headlights may be a problem you are facing every now. This can happen because the alternator in the car has a problem. There may be a problem of broken water pump or alternator if the ignition warning light is turned on and the temperature of the engine increases immediately. Once you are sure about it the car should be taken to the garage.

Problem with the Starter Motor
The Starter Motor does not usually fail to function because of its tough nature. But with continuous use its functionality mat reduce. To solve the problem of the motor starter it should be taken to the service station at regular intervals as it may cause problems in the car.

Issue with the clutch cables
The most stressful part of a car is the clutch cables. Serious issues can arise if it breaks. It should be changed immediately. This would avoid you driving difficulties.

Spark plugs
The spark plugs help to start the engine of the car and any breakage in it would not let the car start. To avoid this problem you need to get your car serviced regularly.

When the keys are lost
A car would not run if you lose the keys to the car. It is advisable to keep the duplicate keys at home, always very handy or else you need to get the new keys from the car dealer shop.

It is very important for a common man to understand and know the problems that could arise in a car and how to face them. The ability to understand and recognize the problems that could arise in a car and take care of them before hand would avoid a lot of driving troubles and mishaps.

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