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Tips for Taking Hospitality Entrance Exams

Posted by : Ajay Sharma on | May 30,2017

Tips for Taking Hospitality Entrance Exams

The bonus of working in the hospitality industry is its direct relation with the tourism industry. It has seen a drastic change with all the international players entering in the Indian market in the past few years. The perks of being in the industry are opportunities to meet new and influential people, a wide range of entry level jobs along with attractive salaries, travel to various hotel franchise sites and to hone communication skills.

There are about 9 entrance exams you can take to obtain admission in numerous Hotel Management Colleges in India. There are a few colleges that accept students through interviews instead of entrance exams. Take a quick look at the tips to score high in the entrance exams:

Aim High

Although, the entrance exams for the hospitality industry are comparatively uncomplicated, it is necessary to attain a high score in order to earn a seat in a reputable college. Do not assign yourself a particular percentage to look forward to. Scoring the highest percentile is quite possible.

Focus on English

The language topic has the most number of questions in certain exams, and thus carries the highest weightage. Ensure working on your vocabulary and revise grammar from high school. Language skills are indispensible to any student looking at prospective jobs in the industry. A career in Hotel Management demands effective communication with your clients and your team will ensure healthy professional growth. Read comprehension passages, learn synonyms and antonyms, memorize idioms and work on jumbled sentences.


Referencing is perhaps the most important task you should establish. Choose the books selectively to assure/guarantee covering an essential part of the syllabus as opposed to covering the unrequired or too little. Refer to your 10th and 12th NCERT syllabus in matters pertaining to mathematics and numerical questions.

General Knowledge

Reading the newspaper in the morning is supposed to sharpen your knowledge on current affairs along with improving your vocabulary. Do not limit yourself to study the events of the past year; read all the relative stuff that you can get your hands on. Read on business, mergers and acquisitions, brand ambassadors, products and brands and current affairs.
Logical Thinking

Apart from the topic that covers the aforementioned tip, take time to reason the answers you attempt. The scoring system varies in different examinations. Consequently, try avoiding answering questions that you’re unsure about as that will lead to negative marking. If there is no negative marking, be sure to attempt every question. Attempt sample questions on coding & decoding, syllogisms, vein diagrams, analogies and data interpretation.

Set a daily routine and define a schedule to work on the syllabus. If you work methodically, you will be exploring options on colleges for admission.