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Things to keep in mind before buying a Villa in Bangalore

Posted by : corner stoneindia on | Jun 06,2013

When you buy a piece of land with the intention of turning it into a home for your family, you need to exercise a certain element of caution and be sure of buying the most apt property for your needs. The vast number of villa plots for sale in Bangalore do give you a lot of options to choose from, but also calls for a good deal of vigilance before you make any real financial transaction. Buying land can be an extremely expensive affair, and if you happen to transact with a fraudulent company, you could be looking at huge losses, so be prepared for plenty of research and document verification if you are thinking of buying property.

Important things to look out for when buying Villa plots

One of the first things you should do in your search to find one of the best villa plots for sale in Bangalore is to begin looking for recognized and well established property developers. Villa plots are different from ordinary housing plots in a number of ways. They are usually larger with plenty of space for an expansive villa and garden area as well. Villas are ideally built in gated communities with other villas in the vicinity; you certainly wouldn’t want to be over-shadowed by a massive apartment building right next to your villa. To make sure this does not happen, you must choose from a pool of companies that have a good track record of delivering villa plots.

Visit the proposed property personally to make sure it provides exactly what you want in the way of location and proximity to amenities. Its closeness to your workplace and other important areas within the city plays an important role, and hence you must choose just the right location for your villa. The size of the plot is also very important. It should be ideal for your family requirements as well as your budget.

Next comes one of the most important parts of property buying – document verification. Make sure you are provided with all the necessary documents and paperwork including the title deed, sale agreement, encumbrance certificate and all the other necessary documents. It is also a good idea to have these documents verified by an experienced real estate lawyer just to make sure everything is in accordance with legal requirements.

Make sure you’re getting the right price, to assure yourself of this you may have to do a good deal of market research, and talk to a couple of different property developers and compare prices. Also try to find out and confirm the price quoted to you by the seller by cross checking it with a few other people who have bought into the community. Once you are assured that you are getting the best value on the property of your choice, you can proceed with the transaction and become the owner of one of the best villa plots in Bangalore