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Things to Consider While Designing Website for Local Services

Posted by : Ashwani Fotedar on | Dec 11,2014

Things to Consider While Designing Website for Local Services

Website becomes an important tool for giving a positive thrust to the business. As the Internet becomes greatly popular (and available with fast speed, every business wants to make a presence there. When website developers get an assignment for local services, there need to change the perspective.

Provide local address

Contact form is a great way of being available for customer queries. When users find a known address of their nearby locality, they feel good about it. Mention live chat information (if any), contact numbers and email address clearly visible on the webpage.  Viewers feel engaged with it. Also, do not forget to include fields for filling contact numbers by the viewers so that you can get back to them.

Keep the design simple, alluring, and easy-to-use

Since your website is about local services and the audience is mostly from the nearby area, keep the website design according to their technical knowhow and liking. If you keep it quite complicated and intricate when the audience is not that techno-savvy, then it loses impact. Similarly, using technology that makes  a website heavy would increase the website loading time and make the design complex. Users may leave interest immediately and leave the webpage.

Use SEO tools and track results

Statistics reveals the astonishing fact that most of the developers do not use SEO techniques or track actions for resolving performance issues while designing websites for local users. They do not feel any sense in doing it for local users. However, it is not a correct way because it is equally important for tracking website traffic and fine tuning the performance.

Making it compatible for cellphones

Even if you develop a website for local users, it doesn’t mean there is no need of providing compatibility with handheld devices. Nowadays, cellphones become the necessity of life, and there is no market where it doesn’t predominate. Studies reveal that the search for local business information is almost the same as national level enterprises. Hence, developers must offer compatibility.

Keep the content updated

Website content should be regularly updated to keep it refreshed, irrespective of the fact that it is dedicated for local services or global ones. Web search engines should sense that it is an active site. Change the homepage by including latest products or publish new blogs and articles to refresh the website ranking. 

Developing websites for the local market is not a challenge if designers keep these simple steps during analysis, design, and development process.