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The Gender War Men Vs Women

Posted by : Parul Mathur on | Oct 23,2012

The Gender War Men Vs Women

It has been said a million times in many different ways : Men and Women are different. There are many physiological, psychological, genealogical and pathological differences between men and woman. Some are amazing to know while some are funny to read.

I am only trying to provide some fun by presenting it before you. Just have fun while reading this and please don’t blame me if you find something here that is not much to your liking.

Woman From Men’s Perspective :

·       Generally, men start a conversation and women finish it.

·       If a man is asked to explain something, he will do that in one sentence. Ask a woman to name the capital of her country, you will get the reply in paragraph.

·       Men’s conversation revolves around news, events, politics, sports, cars and gadgets. While women’s conversation revolve around food they never prepare, ornaments they never buy, cloths they never wear and last but not the least “the TV shows” they never ever forget to watch.

·        Mobile phones are strictly for communication purposes for men. While a woman spends whole day with a friend, comes back at home and again talks to the same friend over phone for several hours.

·       Women do not need an occasion to dress up. They can spend fair amount of time in dressing up even for going to a dry cleaner’s shop or to go outside to throw the litter. While a man will dress up only for special occasions.

·       Women have inbuilt calendar in them. They can easily remember dates and even the fine details of those dates such as the color of the dress they were wearing on that date. While in a man’s case, if asked about a day or date, first he tries to avoid giving answer and then finally says “excuse me” I don’t remember.

·       If you tell a woman about your newly purchased car, first question she will ask you will be about the color of the car. Tell that to a man and he will ask you about its specifications.

Men From Women’s perspective :

·       Men have too much ego to ask for a directional guidance from someone on the route, while driving. They think they know it all.

·       From a dirty toilet seat to cloths thrown all over the bed to messed up table, everything looks clean to man.

·       When a woman tries to communicate with a man he shows that as if he is all ears to her, but in reality he is lost somewhere else. And what this “somewhere else” is, is very well known to guys.

·       Men end up shopping for same looking cloths.

·       When a woman asks a man about her dress, he says” you look great”, even when he has not even bothered to lift his eyelids. While when a man asks a woman the same question, she takes utmost care to record every trivial detail and then arrives at an answer.