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The Evolution of Essay Writing Services Past Present and Future

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | May 24,2023

How many times have you seen an online question that sounds like this – What essay service can write an essay for me? This is one of the most popular requests left by millions of students from various parts of the globe. They face a lot of issues and need professional help to cope with them to have a positive academic rating. Thus, special academic writing platforms are utterly popular.

What are they? Essay writing services are special platforms with qualified writers, editors, and proofreaders. These are the experts who can either explain how to complete your essays and other pieces of writing or will do everything instead of you. Everything depends on what you need. This phenomenon is of huge importance and is hotly debated. Let’s delve deeper into the matter.

The Past of Writing Services

The first essay-writing services appeared in the early 1990s. That was the period when the first online activities and possibilities emerged. They offered writing aid to solve the problems commonly faced by students.

Their popularity wasn’t too high because the Internet was new to users. It wasn’t fast enough, and many users did not know what they could find over there. Only a few knew about writing mills. Besides, the variety of conditions offered by writing essay mills was limited, and the quality wasn’t really good. Finally, there were some legal issues. The first platforms were not allowed by the law. Therefore, most users did not want to deal with them.

The Present of Writing Services

Today, the current state of the essay-writing industry has changed drastically. First of all, writing mills receive legal status. No matter what some educators might say, they are absolutely legal, and it’s the issue of students’ ethics whether to use them or not.

Of course, one should understand that some platforms are illegal all the same. They simply did not want to pass all legal procedures to obtain the required permissions and licenses. These ones should be avoided at all costs. They commonly offer help of low quality or simply steal your money.

When we talk about legal and highly reputed platforms, you can track an impressive evolution. The quality of texts is always very high, assistance is fast, everything is free of plagiarism, the prices are quite cheap, and so on. They centralize the needs of their clients. They implement and modify new demands and thus make collaboration with students mutually beneficial and convenient.

One may outline several types of essay writing services available. Yet, we think the differences are not great. Commonly, all these platforms offer pretty much the same conditions and guarantees. Some of them may have narrow specializations. For example, they may write only essays. Others may offer help with other types, such as lab reports, term papers, case studies, and so on. You should also consider academic fields. A concrete agency may focus only on such subjects as literature, English, history, etc. Another one may offer help with exact sciences.

People also want to find out all the possible advantages and disadvantages of using essay writing services. We have prepared a clear table. Check it out here below:



High quality

Illegal or new sites may not be too effective

Individual approach

Not all services offer personified aid

100% unique content

Illegal or new sites may not offer unique texts

All kinds of skills

Some sites don’t have enough writers to cover all subjects

Quick assistance

Platforms with low reputations frequently delay their orders

Fair prices

Many services set pretty expensive prices

24/7 support and access


Full privacy



As you can see, there are pros and cons. Mind that cons are only possible when you are dealing with a low-reputed platform. Professional sites always meet your needs and adjust to them.

What Is the Future of Writing Services?

It’s not always easy to predict the future of any industry. Nonetheless, the future of essay writing services is really bright. The problems students commonly face when they learn will never go away. Weak skills, poor time management, and problems with a concrete assignment or subject will be faced by the next generation of learners. That is why this industry will not wither away.

There are concerns about artificial intelligence (AI). It becomes more popular and widely used. Many students use it to write essays instead of using real writers. As for now, this is useless. AI does not always sound natural. Its structure is repeatable and can be easily recognized after reading 4-5 texts it writes. Perhaps it will become smarter and more creative later. If it happens, the essay writing industry may be threatened. Yet, this is a long process and there are no clouds on the horizon for the upcoming 20-30 years. Besides, there are special apps that can spot when AI wrote a text.

There are also regular debates about ethical considerations. Many people claim that these platforms must be somehow regulated. There are no solutions or decisions for this case so far. Nonetheless, we cannot disagree with teachers and parents who want students to work on their own. If youngsters use pro platforms too often, they get lazier and do not develop their skills. Therefore, some control must be implemented.

In the meanwhile, it’s hard to forbid such platforms. They honestly state that they can do this or that paper in your stead. The law does not restrict this activity. It’s up to students to decide whether they should cheat or not.

When browsing certain websites, you'll come across a diverse range of exceptional writing services. Take the opportunity to select the service that aligns perfectly with your specific needs and requirements.

Drawing the Final Line

As you can see, the evolution of essay writing services is amazing. They quickly progressed and continue to quickly adapt to the modern demands of clients. If any vital demand appears, top platforms surely implement it.

You should never forget that these platforms must be used reasonably. Do not overuse them because you will get used to someone’s help and will stop developing your own skills. Be aware of overuse issues and use them only when nothing else can help you.