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The Art Boom by Indian Artists

Posted by : Gautam Khatri on | Sep 05,2013

India has always been one of the prominent lands which encouraged and contributed to the development of various art forms. If looked closely, one can infer that many art forms that we are familiar with today date back to the roots derived from India. The country has also been a land of origin for many popular art masterpieces and Indian artists. Indian paintings and Indian sculpture have carved a niche in the art and bear a strong importance in their respective fields. Same applies to dance forms and music, which also fall under performing arts. From the times of rock paintings to the very recent digital art forms, India has always fared well on charts and shone across different platforms.

When we sit down to jot the points that were responsible for a revolution that stood apart from others, we can sense the dominance of the ancient Indian Rajahs and famous Mughal Emperors who are still looked upon as epitome of luxury and profound majesty. They played a crucial role to propagate royal Indian artists come forward with their ideas and give birth to a totally unorthodox and newer art forms during that times. The unscarred beauty of one of the wonders, The Taj Mahal still stands as a mark of opulence and rich culture that expressed luxury through magnanimous levels of art. The Mughal era captured beauty in details and this set in motion many art forms in motion that developed drastically overtime to give life to a number of different styles.

This was the initiation of a big boom in the field of art that the Indian artists of that time lived up to. They came together from different corners of India and displayed a rich variety of paintings, sculptures, architecture, and music amongst many other renowned art forms. The various artefacts from this time made rounds across the world and found an honourable mention, next to many international greats. Indian artists were appreciated then and they are appreciated in the world of now, as well. Now, not only these art forms have evolved but they have broken all barriers of imagination and entered a world full of abstract expressionism.

Indian artists are still favoured in some of the world’s most respected art exhibitions and their artworks are sold for millions, if not billions. Their works transcend the beauty of material world and hint towards a more ideal and hand-shaped world of partial realism that fetch them a strong preference across many ideals.