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Successful Milan Transfers Junior Messias is to become a Top Star of Sports Betting

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Mar 02,2022

Milan productively closed the transfer window. Tiemue Bakayoko from Chelsea, Pietro Pellegri from Monaco, and Yassine Adli from Bordeaux joined the team. It means that matches with the club will be even more promising and will affect sports betting.

Yet, sports management was looking for a creative attacker. The main candidate was considered Romain Febvre from the French “Brest”, but the transfer fell through. Then, Milan turned to Atalanta to find out the status of Alexey Miranchuk. The negotiations did not advance from the very beginning, and there was no time to continue. Finally, the club found an option in Serie B. Junior Messias was taken from Crotone.

The Brazilian footballer has already passed a medical examination and is about to sign a contract with the club. The deal was formalized as a lease for 2.6 million euros with the option of purchase for 5.4 million.

Messias Experience and Features
Last season, Messias played for Crotone in Serie A: he scored 9 goals, made 4 assists, and successfully beat opponents 105 times (the second result in the championship after Rodrigo De Paul). Junior, together with the two-meter Nigerian striker Nwankwo Symi, organized more than half of Crotone’s goals (29 out of 45).

It is logical that both players are in Serie A: Nwankwo is now in Salernitana, and Messias is in Milan.

A distinctive feature of Junior is his good technique. He himself admits this fact and believes that he became a dribbler thanks to playing on the street.

“Dribbling is from the street, from Brazil,” Messias explained. As he explains, he didn’t play for the youth teams of professional clubs. Football was his hobby and passion. They spent whole days on the fields playing football with friends. They were completely free; everyone did what they wanted. The player notes Zidane and considers him the main role model. Messias likes Zidane’s style of play. He acted so calmly, efficiently, and beautifully! Junior claims that nowadays, football is a tactic, there are not enough bright players. He would like to have more of a spectacle. So, it turns out that his play will influence sports betting and will cause a lot of emotions during live matches.

Path to Success
Messias' career path is even more interesting than his playing skills. At the age of 20, the Brazilian came to Italy to work hard to support his family. Junior’s older brother moved to Europe even earlier. Football was not part of his plans.

Messias settled in the Barriera di Milano quarter of Turin on the outskirts of the city. He got a job on a construction site; he cleaned and ground bricks leftover from destroyed buildings. Then he worked as a builder, and after that, he got a job in a company selling household appliances hired as a courier and a loader. Finally, Messias got a residence permit, around the same time, he was noticed by professional clubs.

Now, he is a top football player who has scored the first goal for Milan in the Champions League. The goal was crucial for the team; the Italians needed a victory to leave at least a formal chance for the Euro Spring. Now, Milan will definitely make it to the Europa League playoffs if they take three points against Liverpool in the last round. Fans of the club are ready for sports betting and predict their successful career in the season.

Junior states that his life story teaches people to believe in themselves and remember the phrase “no pain no gain”. Only hard work on yourself and belief can lead you to success.