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Posted by : sanchita pandey on | Oct 12,2012

Success is a very relative term. It is not very easy to define success. For an ill person, good health will define success; for a person lurking in poverty, monetary gain will define success. So, the parameter for deciding who a successful person is seems paradoxical. For instance, you may be a top businessman, but if you are too busy to enjoy what your money can provide you, you have not tasted success in real terms. As also the case of a rich film star with no happy family life, drowning himself in his past glory and getting drunk every evening in sorrow.

                     If you are a happy person, enjoying peace and beautiful relationships all around you, love others and are loved by others, enjoy a comfortable life in monetary terms, you are successful. Our parameters of success should never be judged compared to others. Where ever we are stationed in life, we should strive to get better and move ahead step by step. Each step towards peace, health, prosperity and happiness defines our success in life.

            The wheel of life moves up and down. That is to say there will also be trying times for each one of us in life. They are actually lessons in this school of life to make us more patient, strong and compassionate. True, "success lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.'' With education, job and other cultural and sports activities, we must be sure to develop our spiritual muscles by being prayerful and connecting to a higher source of power- God. This helps us to draw positive energy when the going gets tough.

                Mr. Gupta was diagnosed with a disease and suddenly his world came crumbling down. He could hardly believe that he was lying on the hospital bed for long hours getting treatment for his ailment. He felt like a failure in life, dejected and a negative feelings took over him.

               Our circumstances are only what 'we' think themselves to be.  We should never get too impressed with the problems in our life. Mr. Gupta could go into depression and would actually head for real failure. But he 'chose' otherwise. He read motivational books, prayed and took control of his thoughts. He gave in to positive self-affirmation and always kept in mind ---- ''This too shall pass.''  He got discharged from the hospital. His happy countenance attracted friends and neighbours towards him and they went for regular evening walks together. Soon, Mr. Gupta was a healthy man again. The difficult times did pass by. But even in his fall, he proved to himself and to others, that he was indeed a successful man!

                Securing less marks, falling ill, losing a game etc. , are not failures. They are stepping stones from where , if you ''choose rightly'' , you can jump over to success and happiness.

                   Niharika failed in Maths subject when she was in class V. Although she was sad, she 'chose' to look ahead instead of sitting and repenting. Every day she resolved to solve at least 20 sums in her home copy. Gradually, each chapter became clear to her. She felt nice to hold the trophy for securing the highest marks among all the sections of her class on Prize Night!

                So, success is actually how you define people, life and yourself in general. If you love yourself as you are NOW, you are successful. For others, the parameters of success may be big car, big bungalow, big business. But, whatever your achievement in life, SUCCESS IS BEING HAPPY.



'' People are like stained glass windows; they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light within.''

                    -------- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross