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Stop Procrastinating and Start studying

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Aug 08,2017

Procrastination is the demon that has captured a little corner in our brain, prodding us to delay important tasks like studying. When you prepare for an important entrance like NEET exam, the feeling of procrastination can often set in. Faculty members at Aakash Institute, one of India’s premium medical coaching academy often come across students who feel overwhelmed with NEET exam preparation. This is a widespread phenomenon. While procrastination is quite prevalent as well as acceptable for a brief time, in the long run, students must conquer this feeling.

So, if you have been feeling bogged down by the magnitude of the NEET syllabus, here are some tried and tested techniques that will help you to “Stop Procrastination & Start Studying.”

Organize or Structure the Physical Environment of your Room
Sometimes, due to lack of any structure, you may feel dazed and unmotivated to study. The key is to restore the structure. Start by organizing your study room. Clean up all the mess, put the notes and study material in order and spruce up the environment of your room. A clean room will help your focus better. You will have access to the study material, and the environment will be easier to cope with.

Get Rid of all the Distractions
Social media, Smartphones, laptops have made access to information very easy. In fact, thousands of studies rely on technology for self-study. However, these are also sources of major distraction. There is always an urge to check the notification or play a game on the phone. To begin with, delete all the games from your phone. Secondly, when you are studying disable the notification feature of the phone. Put your phone on the airplane mode so that you do not have the temptation to check your phone.

Adopt Goal Oriented Study Pattern
This is very important. You need to set a timetable, and you stick to it. If you are planning to finish a chapter in Mole Concept on a given date, make sure you finish studying on that day. NEET syllabus is very vast. To touch on each aspect of the syllabus, you need to adopt a goal-oriented study pattern. This will also you carve out time for revision, which is also an integral part of NEET preparation.

Don’t Lose Confidence
Some students lose the enthusiasm to study because of a single poor performance. You may have scored poorly in the previous Mock test, but instead of losing hope, take that as a lesson and improve upon your mistakes. When sometimes loses confidence, he or she may avoid the activity. But this is not the solution to the problem. If you want to come out as a winner, you need to stay focused and keep working hard.

Get Proper Sleep & Rest
We understand that preparing for a challenging exam like NEET can raise your anxiety levels. In the recent past, you may have pushed yourself to hand that has left you extremely tired and sleep deprived. Therefore, you are not able to focus which is leading you to procrastinate. However, if you want to overcome this feeling, we recommend that you catch up on some rest and sleep. A few days of rest will help your bounce back on your feet so that you can pursue studies with a full vigour.

Preparing for a competitive examination is never easy. You must balance your time equally so that you can pay attention to a different aspect of the syllabus. The techniques covered in this write-up to fight procrastination are not very difficult to follow. You need to make minor adjustments to your life. However, these changes will have a profound impact on your productivity and will help you foster your NEET exam preparation.