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Steps to be taken to choose the right college Institution for your Professional Education

Posted by : Kamal Bhatt on | Jan 15,2020

Let's call a spade a spade; an educational institute plays a vital part in the building of once career as well as in nurturing one's overall personality. with a plethora of options available in the particular field selecting the best institute can be a tedious task. But if it's such an important aspect in life it's worth to spend time and effort in selecting the best from the rest. Below I am discussing some steps an individual should take to choose the right institution for his/her professional education.     

An institution is approved or not?

Earning a degree is always important but earning a degree from a recognised institute/college is more worthy. While choosing it's important to check whether the college is approved by the government agencies.
  • In Case of University, any University should be approved from UGC (University Grant Commission), Government of India.
  • In the case of Institutions/ colleges, the institute needs to affiliate with a government university and should also in hand be approved by state and central government.

Value addition to your course

In today era, being only a degree holder is not enough while you go for an interview. You need to add some extra skills too. So while choosing any institute you should check what other extra add up skills the institute is providing. Go for an institution which provides Certified industrial workshops, Global certification, Internship and opportunities for research.

Best Career Opportunities

The days are gone when a student only has a career that is a job. But as the research went ahead, there are multiple career opportunities that arose. Choose an Institution where you can get good career opportunities ahead. By career opportunities, it means various option to choose, campus placements, Government jobs like PSU and PWD department, etc, Entrepreneur, Higher education or research.

Campus Placement

An Institutions is always known by its best placement records, and also an important parameter in choosing the Institute for healthy growth career. It's important to check what Training and Preparation are made by an institution for an individual to crack the campus interview. Look for your respected MNC company and check the records of college with the salary the MNC offering while campus placement. Dev Bhoomi Group Of Institutions is awarded for best placement college in Dehradun Uttarakhand by MHRD. 

Inspiring Campus

Some of the visible tactile elements of the campus include lush green surrounding, Classroom, seminar halls, advanced libraries, conference hall, auditorium, a student cafe and restaurant, sports activities centre, technical and cultural clubs, soft skills training and others that enhances one's personality.

Return on Investment?

A Student invests a lot more than money into college education- you invest your time, work and stress too. This makes investment in college fundamentally different from investing in others. ROI (Return on Investment) can be calculated as the income people make vs what they paid for college. Income isn't necessarily a measure of success. Only you can decide what you are willing to invest, and what you will be getting out of the experience.