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Solution to Gum Disease Brush Floss Repeat

Posted by : Pooja Agrawal on | May 28,2019

Solution to Gum Disease Brush Floss Repeat

You suddenly have been approached by a pretty girl in your class asking for help. You know this is the best time you could win her heart and with all these thoughts your cheeks turn red. You acknowledge her with a smile, when, as suddenly, she says “It’s okay, I’ll ask someone else”. You are sitting there blank thinking about what just happened. Why did the show just end before it even properly began?

The answer lies in your smile. Your smile was redder than your blushing cheek which means you have gum disease without you even knowing. This can not only harm your oral health but also hit your self-confidence very badly. Worst is that it happens without any pain or discomfort initially and if not paid attention, it could get potentially dangerous.

There are possibilities where your puny gum disease could turn into a humongous health problem before you even know it. The swollen bleeding gums at the initial stage is termed as Gingivitis. As said earlier, it happens without any pain or discomfort. It can be treated and its effects can be reversed with proper treatment and good oral hygiene practices. You should visit your dentist ASAP when you see red swollen gums which bleed very easily.

Although, the main reason for having gingivitis is poor oral care, there are many other reasons for it as well. For instance, diabetes, smoking, aging, conditional stress, inadequate nutrition, etc. The list goes on. If left untreated, gingivitis could take its advanced form- Periodontitis. With time this can grow so much that the infection could pass on to the surrounding teeth and the bone below the gums.

This advanced condition can send out toxins that could mix in the bloodstream and affect other internal organs, for example, the heart. In this condition, our body turns on itself in an attempt to destroy the infected gums and bones that once supported our teeth. This is known as chronic inflammatory response.

What is the solution to get a smile without any bleeding gums? The important point here is to avoid having a gum problem in the first place. The solution resides in three little words which are  Brush, Floss, Repeat. Our mouth is home to many types of bacteria. At any given time our immune system combined with good oral hygiene keeps them under control.


Certain situations like poor eating habits, poor dental care or any medications could trigger an imbalance in the level of bacteria in our mouth. This could lead to the above-mentioned problems. To avoid gum problems you could do proper brushing and floss along with frequent visits to the dentist. For more effective flossing use Oracura’s Water Flossers which work like a charm. The easy to operate design with water jet helps to clean even the hard to reach areas.


Taking good care of your health is a never-ending process. Even though we feel that everything is fine, we should still keep a check on our health before things start to go south.