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So you want to digitize you core HR Here’s what you can expect

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Aug 29,2017

Put simply, managing core HR on a software improves efficiency by leaps and bounds. Add to this the fact that core HR comes integrated with other critical functions such as payroll and attendance renders the benefits from increased efficiency multi fold. Here’s how core HR software does it.

Core HR software (Click here to know more) that comes bundled with HRMS software or separately allows you to track all employee life cycle activities through pop-ups, email alerts, and more, and also allows you to store extensive employee information in one central location. What this means to you is this: make changes in one place and it gets reflected everywhere else on the application. Say goodbye to duplication of work, bring in tech-backed efficiency!

Key functionalities
Capture a wide-ranging array of employee data fields, from personal to work details to passport/visa details if needed. Also, if you would prefer to capture fewer fields, that’s possible too. That is, software today allows you to easily bypass fields, if you wish to capture only critical details.

Additions, confirmations and resignations can all be handled easily, what with the availability of pop-ups, email alerts, and more. These are also streamlined on software and can be done efficiently.

Storing and managing historical data around work history, such as transfers, position changes, incident reports, and other status changes, have never been easier.

Powerful search and querying capabilities allow you to quickly locate, consume, or update employee information.

Data APIs to easily integrate other internal or external applications.

Organizational structure
Core HR software today comes with functionalities that make it easy to keep track of reporting relationships. Such a feature is useful to for workflow reviews and approvals. A complete history of previous reporting assignments is also available. The organization chart is automatically prepared and lallows you to graphically visualize the organization structure and span of control. Organize things without any effort from your end.

HR Dashboard
If your organization is reasonably big, there are a dozen things that you need to keep track of to be an effective HR professional. With new additions, employees who are resigning, birthdays, anniversaries, confirmations to handle, a powerful dashboard that quickly gives you a birds-eye view of all the activity helps you stay on top of things. Even better, you can quickly drill down and complete your work right from the dashboard.

Other automated features
Several convenient, automated features cumulatively save hours of your valuable time.

Employee Directory: An employee directory with powerful filters allows you to access employee information quickly.

Employee Number Sequences: Maintain multiple employee series for different categories of employees without overlap, with automatic employee number sequences. This allows you to minimize mistakes and save effort at the time of onboarding of employees.

Mass Email: Quickly send out memos or bulk email to a selected group of employees with the built-in mailing facility. An automatic record of all such mails is also available for the employee on his self-service portal, in one central location.

But the fun truly begins only when core hr is integrated with other systems, such as hr payroll software India (Click here) and an online attendance systems. Go in for an integrated core hr software today and do away with duplication of effort and save on time and cost.