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Should you build a Google My Business Website

Posted by : Satyam Sagar on | Feb 29,2020

Should you build a Google My Business Website

Now a Days, The trends of making a website are going on Google My Business. whether its business is local or globally. But we have a question for you, Should you build a Google My Business Website? We have a vision of myself whether or not you should create a website for your business on Google My Business. We are sharing my experience with you. We will be very happy to read this article and understand that you will choose to be the right way for your business and earn profit from it.

About Google My Business

Google launched Google My Business in June 2014 to make small and local businesses website of their business, which is totally free. When people search for a business or services company on Google, they definitely see the website of that company.

According to the survey conducted by Godaddy and Redshift Research, around 63% globally do not have a website. Those people believe that the website does expensive, very complex and have must be a technical expert. But this is an illusion. Google My Business gives you a website builder to create a website and it’s also absolutely free. It’s not complicated at all and in this, you do not have to be a technical expert. If you want to build a website on Google My Business then your business must be listed on Google My Business.

Most people create websites on Google My Business when they are local businesses. When you search as like site: business.site then you may be found result approximate 2,33,00,000.

In this, the results of the business which you will be obtained, There may be Business of Restaurant, Packers and Movers, Pest Control Services, Real Estate, Property Dealer, Local shop, Breeders, Travel and Tourism, School, Play School.

Build a website on Google My Business has its many advantages or disadvantages. There are following below:

Advantage of Google My Business

1. Easy to build a website

You can create a website in Google My Business and it is a very simple way. It is a website builder. It is very easy and provide many themes. You can choose a theme according to your business.

2. Highlight your profile as the website

Using Google My Business, You can  highlight your profile as your website on it. You can add details of business and business open timing, closing timing…etc.

3. Easy to add images

Adding pictures to a website can often make them more pleasing to the eye and give better information than using text alone. So you can update your business cover photo, interior photo exterior, business portfolio and other kinds of the galley. And can present your profile very well.

4. Google Map, Contact Info

In this, you can give information about Google Map, contact details and other business details. So that the customer can get to know you well and visit your business.

5. Easily managed Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence on Google, including Search and Maps. If you verify your business information, you can help customers find your business and tell them your story.

6. Mobile-friendly

With Google My Business, you can create a free mobile-optimized website to represent your business.

Disadvantage of Google My Business

1. Only One-Page Website

In this, you can make an only one-page website. You cannot add end pages to your business. Only one page is not enough for a good website. For that, you should have at least 5 to 10 pages of the website.

2. No Add Page Title and Meta Details

You cannot change the title of Page. And also You cannot add meta tags and meta descriptions to it. The title of the page, meta tags are very important for a website. All of these are necessary for SEO. Through SEO, your website is searched on top positions on Google which gives your business leads.

3. No Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is very important to your website. Google Analytics helps you to behave and track your customers, What he is looking for And is your business related to their needs. With its help, you can analyze your business online. So that you can give good service to your customers.

4. No Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Button is very necessary to have a social sharing button on the website. With the help of a social media sharing button, you can get a customer’s experience, reach your target market, the benefit of SEO and expose your brand. But You cannot add a social media sharing button to it. 

5. No Add Structured Data Markup

No add structured data markup to it. Schema Markup is very relevant for small business website. This is very desirable for local business listings.

6. No add alt text to images

If you are building a website and want to take advantage of its SEO, you should probably be familiar with the term alt text.

7. No Additional Button

Additional Button have more important role in your website. You cannot add any additional call to action buttons. You want to create an inquiry Form, It is not possible here and you cannot get inquiries of clients on mail.


You can see that from the SEO perspective, creating a website on Google My Business has a negative impact on your business. We hope that in future Google will provide its services well on all these Features. If you want a good, mobile and SEO friendly website for your business at a reasonable price. You should contact us.