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search engine optimization

Posted by : sanchita pandey on | Oct 10,2012

                     Alexandre Ledru-Rollin  has rightly said," There go the people. I must follow them for I am their leader."SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about designing your website to suit the requirements of the visitors to the website. Cross linking between pages of your website in order to provide more links to important pages, incorporating frequently searched keyword phrase in the content, regularly updating content, using easy keywords, making proper advertisement placement for your website and building quality back links are some ways of increasing prominence.

            White hat SEO is not only about diligently following guidelines laid by search engines, but also ensures that a user sees  the same content that has been indexed and ranked by the search engine. It is about creating website especially for the users, not the search engines or for tricking the algorithm, thereby producing long term results.

            The search engines adjust their algorithms in order to prevent manipulation in website rankings. Search engines use crawlers to find pages for algorithmic search results. However, each and every page is not indexed by the  search engines. Unscrupulous practices and their practitioners are known as black hat SEOs. They may resort to deception, cloaking, do not follow guidelines laid down by search engines, copy contents from other websites or exchange , buy and sell links on a massive scale, manipulate their rankings in search results by stuffing web pages with excessive keywords.

            However, search engines are careful to change their algorithms, penalise sites using black hat methods by reducing their rankings or eliminating their listing from their databases. For example, Google punishes websites whose content is not authentic and unique. In February 2011, Google announced the "Panda code" which penalises websites that contain duplicate content. Earlier, websites used to copy contents from one another just to improve their rankings in their search engines.

            In February 2006, Google removed BMV Germany and Ricoh Germany for using deceptive practices to  rank well in their search engine. However, both the companies apologised hurriedly, set the offending pages right and were later parked back in the Google's list.

          For searching the keywords, Micro niche finder and Market Samurai --- trusted softwares for keyword research can be used. Even if you have few links in your website, you can increase prominence by building quality back links. Link building softwares like SENUKE-X can be used.  It is a useful software which can perform every task of a SEO, so you won't mind the price.

            The keyword is keep it simple and clean. Keep updating the content of the website so that search engines keep crawling back to the site and this will give additional weight to the site. Last but not the least, the website should concentrate on the visitors wants and need. Simple, Give priority, get priority.      Hats off to the white hat SEO!