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Royal Rajasthan – The Colorful Land of Festivals all Over the Year

Posted by : Twinkle Garg on | Aug 21,2019

Royal Rajasthan – The Colorful Land of Festivals all Over the Year

The magnificent land of Rajasthan has always been fascinating and the people across the globe with its heart capturing beauty and natural serenity. To add to the colors, this land of valour in Incredible India has always mesmerized the people with its culture of celebrations and festivity.

Rajasthan in January

Beyond all reasons and seasons, Rajasthan holidays packages has initiated an array of festivals to elaborate and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the State. The year of festivity gets off to a grand start with Jaipur Virasat in the month of January. This breath-taking, two-week event captivates not only domestic but foreign visitors with exquisite display of folklore. This celebration brings together the art and culture, music, dance, craft and cuisine creating a platform for the local artisans to manifest their talent. The fortnight long festival has everything from horse shows, polo tournaments, heritage walks, plays, poetry sessions, fashion shows to exhibitions of photographs and paintings.

Rajasthan in February

Before the memories of the Jaipur Virasat fade out the Desert Festival comes in rejoicing the warmth and cheerfulness of the people on the Indian desert. This exotic festival is organized in February on the land of the Golden Sands-Jaisalmer. This festival is a feast to the eyes of the visitors with its folk dances, fire - dance, camel dance and races, camel polo, along with breath-taking performances by the local artists. Exciting contests like Mr. Desert, turban tying and the moustache competitions are the unique features which attract large number of enthusiastic participants.

The grand finale on the full moon night is marked with firework displays, moonlight camel rides and cultural performances by the local artisans which leave their footprints on the sands of times.

Rajasthan in March

After the camels in the desert, the Elephants take on the festivity in the Pink City Jaipur. As a precursor to the traditional Festival of Colours Holi, the Elephant Festival in the month of March paints the entire city with colours of celebrations. The royal Rajasthan splendour is recreated through a procession of decorates elephants, camels, horses and folk dancers. Elephants with bright colours and heavy jewellery contest as beauty pageants. Exclusive events like Elephant Polo, Elephant races and a tug-of-war between the tourist and an elephant charm the visitors.


It is an unforgettable moment for the visitors to watch people play Holi on elephant back and undoubtedly a majestic one.

Rajasthan in April

The month of April sees the advent of the Gangaur Festival which is devoted to the Indian Goddess Parvati. On the one hand young girls clad in ceremonial dresses pray for the grooms of their liking and on the other hand the married women pray for the long and healthy life of their spouses. These 18 days long festival in Jaipur reaches its climax with a grand procession organized by the Department of Tourism.

Rajasthan in May

The onset of summers is declared on the high hills of Mt.Abu. The three day Summer Festival, begins with alluring ballad followed by dance performances like Gair, Ghumar and Dhap. The rhythm and melody can be seen at its best when kawwals display their engrossing vocal skills, Boat race, roller skating race and other competitions also fill the environment with joy and delight. Spectacular fireworks mark the grand finale of this festival.

Rajasthan in July - August

The monsoons come in pouring merriment and bright colours indicating the arrival of the Teej Festival in the months of July - August. Held in Jaipur this is essentially a festival for the women to enjoy and celebrate their traditions.

Rajasthan in September

The Marwar Festival in Jodhpur is an exclusive occasion which highlights the culture, music and dance of the Marwar region.

Rajasthan in November

November witnesses a mammoth cattle fair in the holy land of Pushkar in Ajmer. The well-known Pushkar Mela, besides being an important holy event casts a lively environment with bazaars, auctions, music and sports.

This rejoicing and Celebrating never comes to an end in this land of Rajasthan where life in itself is an ongoing festivity.