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Robotics Education

Posted by : Tek Wizard on | Jun 19,2015

Robotics Education

The need for education technology in this 21st century is growing in schools rather than in any other legendary sectors like information technology. The present curriculum has left a deep void when it comes to employability of the graduate students for their lack of practical knowledge in science and technology. The schools and colleges have started reacting to the crisis they created. They are now partnering with people who bring smart technology that is future ready like robotics engineering, in the process of embracing technology in schools.

The future technology is focusing on the concept of automation – to enable technology function with minimal human interference. Robotics is one such technology, one would have hardly dreamt of bringing down to the level of school students in the past decade.  Pioneering companies in robot technology, like Tek Wizard, have put their best foot forward in fulfilling this mission,  reflecting Dr. Abdul Kalam’s Vision 2020. The school students after undergoing these courses would become entrepreneurs in the field of robotics technology which is an amalgamation of mechanical, electrical and software engineering technology. The giants in the field of education system are more than happy in shaking hands with Robotics and include it in their curriculum, who are taking efforts to create multi-disciplinary masters out of the students.

These types of programs offer hands-on learning style which is more than welcome when compared to the chalk and talk approach of the schools. And its involvement of multiple disciplines opens more than one path to the students for their future empowerment.  In addition, the various assignments involving practical, project and product creation during the course open gates to self-discovery and learning self-management skills like time management, team work, problem solving, communication, questioning skills with the entrepreneurial skills. Technology that offers immense opportunities to holistic growth of a student in every aspect related to their success in future enterprising.

The technical knowledge is given in capsules that are originally created by specialists targeting school students; it takes the students from a beginner to intermediate to an advanced level where the students can create new robot with the knowledge they have gained from the course and letting their imagination at play. The robotics kit that they use during their course makes them master the components involved in making robots; they will be able to identify which component is used when, where, why, how etc.

The whopping success of these kinds of programs after implementing in schools and colleges manifests the veritable need of the student society. The accolades showered by parents and schools give momentum to the spread of technology in schools. In the near future we can see a humongous demand and supply for education technology in schools. The schools are vying for the best technical-intelligence- provider and very soon we will be seeing a great shift in the Indian education system that will cater more in producing job-ready individuals or entrepreneurs, thereby making our education system the best in the world.