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Riding on a gondola in Venice

Posted by : Manya Singh on | Mar 21,2013

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! You must have heard this phrase several times and surely you know what it is intended for. The same would be applicable when you make a trip to Venice. When in Venice, do as the Venetians do and take a gondola ride. The beautiful and historic city of Venice is a must visit spot and a highlight of all Italy tour packages and exploring the city riding on a gondola is an experience that you simply cannot afford to miss. Gondola ride is one of the biggest attractions of Italy tourism. It’s just not a half an hour or 40 minute boat ride on water. It’s journey through the heritage of the historic city, its culture and the lifestyle of the local people.

Walking through historic streets, lanes and exploring historic sites on legs or cars are things that you have done a lot. But floating through broad and narrow lanes and passing under bridges that that join building on one part of the canal with another and watching the colorful reflections of the buildings on the moving water is an experience to cherish, record in memory and to capture on camera. Floating through history and heritage of Venice is how you can describe this incredible gondola ride on the Grand Canal of Venice. Though the Grand Canal is the most popular route for gondola ride in Venice, you may opt for a trip through the narrow canals as they are less noisy and provide a peaceful atmosphere suitable for observing the amazing surroundings. The only sound that will create a rhythm matching the gentle swinging movement of the boat would come from the water as your gondolier will steer through it. You will simply be thrilled when your gondola will pass by the palazzos that stand as specimens of traditional Venetian architecture. If money is not a major concern, then ask your gondolier to sing a song, since it is a part of the local culture.  You may also ask him to tell stories of the past, the bygone eras and get information about their lifestyles.

At Venice you may opt for a Traghetti and complete your ferry standing on the board of the boat or opt for a luxury gondola with cushioned chair, relax and explore the city. Traghettis used to serve as gondolas previously but now they have trimmed off the luxury set ups and only ferry local passengers. Hence, if you are close to finalizing your Italy trip, make sure you’re your tour package include the gondola trip. If not, then don’t hesitate to cancel the deal and check out Italy tour packages that ensure this magical voyage. Getting back from Venice without riding a gondola is like committing a crime to Italy tourism and you cannot do that.