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Responsible Online Gaming with Indian Rupees

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Aug 26,2020

Every day there is another online casino opening its doors to excited customers, and it seems Indians are always chasing for the next gambling opportunity. After all, it is not only due to the British heritage that Indians seek a thrill of the rolling dice or a hand of cards. Gambling in India is as old as India itself and mentioned in many ancient manuscripts and even mythology.  How can an average user play responsibly in online casinos that accept Indian Rupees. It’s important, because, according to some studies, in 2010 only 50 million Indians were involved in some sort of online gaming, while in 2018, that number reached 250 million.

While gambling in India is nothing new, the online casino industry definitely is. And the whole concept of responsible gambling is still considered to be a novelty. Responsible gaming, however, should be the starting point of every casino player looking for an adventure that will last for a lifetime, and not only a single weekend (or until the money's gone).

Now, more than ever, it’s important to address the importance of online gambling not only in the domestic currency but in safe online casinos as well.

Importance of Gambling in INR
There is no denying that we live in a global village, so why shouldn’t an Indian from Punjab simply gamble in EUR, USD or GBP? The reason is very simple. First and foremost, it is important to understand how offshore casinos can offer their services to Indian customers only in INR, thus meaning that if the casino is forcing a customer to use any other currency, it is probably operating illegally on the Indian territory. Most online casinos based in Europe not only offer to play in INR but have a license as well so they can operate legally and according to law. This provides an additional layer of protection for players in India.

Another reason why players should insist on using Indian Rupee is of a practical kind. Most Indian users have their bank account, credit card or eWallet account in INR. So, if they want to play by using EUR, for example, they will probably lose a small amount on every deposit and withdrawal, due to exchange rates. Every time a player wins, he or she will have to consider that the winning will be diminished for a small amount, and they accumulate quite quickly.

Safe Payment Methods in Indian Rupees
Online casinos add new and attractive payment methods each day as an incentive to attract players. Many of those payment methods are highly localized and accessible only in certain countries, India for example. Deposit methods accessible exclusively to Indians will usually be available exclusively in INR. If you want to play responsibly while using the INR, definitely consider some modern methods like eWallets, prepaid cards or special online vouchers that support Indian Rupee.

While credit cards and bank transfers are still completely legitimate ways of transferring funds to the online casino, these new payment methods have additional safety protocols and verification processes that guarantee smooth and simple transactions. Considering how most of these innovative payment methods offer limited deposits, it is also much easier to manage the money spent on gambling. Most online vouchers are sold in smaller denominations, while eWallets sometimes carry a daily deposit limit. If you still prefer credit cards or bank transfers, make sure to check out the online casino settings and set your spending limits manually. That way you can easily play responsibly and not overspend, or in the worst-case scenario, chase your losses until you gamble all your money away.