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Reason why we advice Drug Today journal to Doctors

Posted by : Drug Today Medical Times on | Mar 23,2015

Book and health newspaper Subscriptions Drug Today and Drug Today Medical Times brands are published from Lorina Publication. The co founder of the publication is Mr Lalit Mishra and the managing Director Poonam Mishra. The Journal Drug Today and Monthly newspaper Drug Today Medical Times is been published from New Delhi and has a largest circulation at the pan India level.

The publication has its own office in six A class Cities across the India and headquarter in New Delhi. Drug today was founded in 1993, keeping in mind the need of information on the drugs that are available in the Indian market and their substitutes. The publication has proved itself to be well known in the pharma industry. And is considered to be south Asia no 1 Medical formulation journal. Everyone in the industry has always cherished the hard work of Drug Today Team. The information that matter on Drugs or medicine and the market is found between its two covers.

The continuous updating of medicine over the past two decades has made Drug Today Book as an authority and a final relied journal for drug information to the pharma industry. It also has a large subscription based readership across the nation. The main aim of the journal is to prove accurate and correct information to its reader and reflect as a ready reference of medicine in details. If you are from the pharma industry or from the health fraternity then you should subscribe Drug Today. Click on the link for the subscription http://www.drugtodayonline.com/subscription/drug-today-book.html

Drug Today has launched its own website in 2012, where anyone can search for the information on medicine or it substitutes. The main reason for the launch of the website was to provide 24X7 online service to our industry, all you need is the internet service on your phone.

Drug Today Medical Times is a leading newspaper in the industry and has tapped the common man market as well. It's a health and a medical newspaper where one can find it interesting while reading. The news and the article published are in layman language and easily understood able. It provides information on the health development and latest updates in India and aboard. Health being the integral part of everyone's life, one should read this newspaper as well. To subscribe medical newspaper click on the link below, the subscription rates are economical. What's more important for the team is to educate the common man about the development in health fraternity and information on the medical sector.  You can also visit our website drugtodayonline.com for latest news and information on the health and medical sector.

Once subscribed the delivery of the product will be made within 6-7 working days.@ http://www.drugtodayonline.com/