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Rape and Society

Posted by : Youth Against Injustice Foundation on | Nov 25,2019

We all are seeing that rape cases are going on at a high rate in India when it happens, the majority of people put a story of it using a hashtag and after that, these people don’t care about it. Do we ever think why does rape occur? The answer is no. we don’t think about it, many of us don’t think about it why because they are busy with something useless stuff or in their job or colleges. Now you will know everything on this blog. Please read it fully and try to bring a change in our society. 

Let us look at some states that are out there:

There are 34,651 Cases of rape that are filed. In this 98 % of cases, a victim says that a rapist is a known person.

 In addition to it, there is a report, which states that 71% of rape case goes unreported.  

In 2013, 27.1 % is the conviction rate of the rape case, which means more than 73 percent of cases even not get the final verdict by the court. 

As per a report submitted by Delhi Commission for women, 53% of reported rapes in 2012-13 were found to be 'false'.

A rape case runs for a period of a minimum of five years and the longest case runs hold 21 years of getting to the decision.

In the last 13 years, only 4 death plenty have been executed out of 371.( 1991-2017)


Reasons why Rape occurs:

  1. Less Female police officer

  2. Not proper Government support

  3. Lack of public safety

  4. Slow court system

  5. Not having proper self-defense Institute 

  6. Men Don’t have the fear


There can be more reasons like Women not raising their voice against it, cause of society and family. Many times, it can also happen, as if they do not get support from family.  Let us talk on each point in some detail. As we know, India doesn’t have many female police officers due to that many women don’t feel good to register their complaints to a male officer. Let us see other points, many times if women take courage then goes to the police station they just do not hear it and can’t write the complaint and don’t take action. In addition, we do not have much good public safety, many girls do not go outside late at night they do not feel safe. We don’t have public transport which runs by a female, so this might be a reason.  The slow court system, as we don’t have more judges in courts. Cases are many but we don’t have judges so it goes very slow to have proper judgment. In addition, India is a male domination country so the male has much power that’s why women are not able to raise the voice. It all needs to change. Here we don’t have a proper institute which can provide proper self-defense training. There is also a shortage of female trainers as of female police officers. Men don’t have the fear that they will not go to die or the one who has power will don’t going to lose. 


Mentality of society 


Our society is a very big reason for an increased number of rape cases. In India, the old age mentality comes much. Many people blame the clothes girls wear. Men's power also is a factor. Many men think women should not take the lead. When some take the stand, then society comes and says that she should not do this or say this in public. The mentality of society should be changed.  

Information about sections for rape :


The main IPC section is 375 and Sub-section like 376 a,b,c and d. Let know more of it in detail. 

Section 357:- 

When in court if it is proved that man has done rape, he is given punishment under 357. It states when a man does a sexual thing without concern and will of a woman and if it proves then he gets punished. 


Punishment under section 376:-

When a rape occurs punishment is given to man for seven years and can be extended to life imprisonment.  If during rape a woman is heavily injured and died then Punishment given under 376 (A) is rigorous imprisonment for not less than 10 years and can be for life imprisonment. 


Section 376 (B) comes when sexual intercourse done by the husband to his wife. When they are not living together and without her concern, it is done then the punishment for it is more than 2 years of rigorous imprisonment and it can be extended up to life imprisonment and can be fined.

Section 376(c) when any person is in authority as if he is in the police, in an armed force or staff of a hospital or having a judiciary relation can be charged rigorous imprisonment of not less than 6 years of jail and can be extended up to life imprisonment. 

Section 376(d) when a woman is gang-raped at a time then all the person who has committed this will be charged rigorous imprisonment for more than 20 years of jail, can be extended to lifetime jail, also fine is charged and given to the victim. 

Section 376(E) When a person repeats the action twice or more than twice he is charged rigorous imprisonment for Life. 


Section 53(A) of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Indian law lays down certain provisions for the medical examination of the accused. Section 164(A) of the Code of Criminal Procedure deals with the medical examination of the victim.

Also, Government has declared the POCSO act, it clearly states that a rapist should be hanged till death for the rape of children of age less than 18 years, but at the same time, it should be applied to majors also. 

The government has also started fast track court so that rape cases should be started and get justice to a victim or if the case is false then men should get free of all charges allocated to him.

Also if death plenty is applied then it can stop the number of high rape cases. Just think when a traffic rule came driving without a helmet can cost you a fine of 1000 rs, when came into force, many people started wearing a helmet. Now just give it a thought if death plenty is enforced then it can also stop the number of increasing rape cases in India. Right now many don’t have fear but it can be changed with proper support from people and government.