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Popularity of Cricket in India

Posted by : Kavinesh Arumugam on | Feb 03,2019

Popularity of Cricket in India


            In the past few decades, there were many popular trends that have come and go in India. There were many forms of entertainment for the people, but none of those can match the sport of cricket. Cricket has significantly evolved over the years and from a simple hobby it became an attractive sport for millions of people in India. What makes cricket so attractive in India is the fact that it breaks all barriers between people and anyone can play it regardless of age, class, gender or financial status. That makes Cricket - the most popular sport in India by far, watched and played by millions of people across the country.

Rise of Popularity of the Game

            One of the main reasons why cricket has taken over as India`s most popular sport is the Cricket World Cup win of Indian national team in 1983. That win significantly spiked the interest of Indians for this sport and that is when many started practicing it. Besides the Cricket World Cup win in 1983, popularity of the game got further raised when television sets were introduced in local middle-class households across the country. Today large number of Indian people can watch live coverage of important cricket games, follow the latest news and track latest developments within the sport.

            Besides the important first victory in 1983, the BCCI, or the board of control for cricket in India, is also responsible for the growth and increased popularity of the game. BCCI does its best to market the game everywhere and makes sure that every Indian knows what is going on in the world of cricket. Today many people play the sport at amateur or professional level, and interesting fact is that professional cricketers in India are not just popular, but they are also associated with luxury and wealth that cricket has brought to them. 

How Is Cricket Organized in India

            Cricket is organized into two separate categories – international cricket and domestic competitions. At international level, the national country of India competes with other countries for trophies. A thing to know is that India national team plays every time there is an opportunity for that and some of their biggest rivals today include Australia and England. India cricket team has been very successful at international stage, winning the Cricket World Cup on three occasions – in 1983, 2007 and 2011.

            Regarding domestic cricket competition, teams in India are competing for different trophies such as Irani, Ranji, Duleep, Indian Premier League, BCCI Corporate and others. The best Indian teams compete for the mentioned trophies and the best players from the teams are then invited to play for the India national cricket team. One of the best and most well-known cricket players produced from India has been Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, who is former national team captain. He is often regarded as the best cricket batsman of all times and he is also the highest run scorer in international cricket.

Future of the Sport 

            Cricket has deep roots in India and the sport is expected to further grow in the upcoming years. The rapid development of India has also led to development and bigger popularity of cricket. India cricket national team is expected to dominate the sport in the near future, so we should expect to see even bigger craze for the sport than previously. Today Indian parents are encouraging their children to practice sports and cricket is usually the number one choice for that. Cricket is closely connected to fame, wealth and luxury life, which are a few reasons why many young people are joining in the game.