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Passion For Acting Obsession to make it big drives my crazy Actress Pooja Shree

Posted by : Sangeeta Singh on | Jul 08,2014

Passion For Acting & Obsession to make it big drives my crazy, My Best Days are yet to come & The Dream Role is in waiting – Actress Pooja Sree The world according to Pooja Sree. Meet the young & Pretty actress who has stepped up from teen soap to serious business of Acting & Modelling. She caught our attention in calendar shoot followed by call from the News Channel zee news that was designer wedding gowns & after that there was no looking back Fortunately, of course, this stunning Uttarakhand origin model & Actress & currently based in Hyderabad with a couple of new projects and there is this big news from the Network 7 Media Group’s office to declare her as “India’s Most Promising Debutante Face in Indian Motion Picture Award 2014”. She cant believe it as Pooja says it is the big dream for me & the first national award & that too from a very prestigious & credible forum, India Leadership Conclave as Pooja says ‘Modelling was a lot of fun, ‘But really you’re just a coat hanger or a face to advertise something. I prefer acting because it gives you a chance to show that there’s more to you than meets the eye.’ Acting-wise, you’ll recognize Pooja from the series of Ad Works that she has undertaken & is very docile yet innocent looking face that millions can die for, an expressive eye which will drive many crazy & acting skill that is yet to be tapped. With a Background in Bachelor of Science, though good at studies, she never wanted to be a Doctor or a businesswoman, acting was deep inside me, each time I breathe, I think of acting, entertaining & being charmed by my fans says fitness freak Pooja Sree. I just want to become a good actress & be a good human being & I am passionate of my obsession with the characters that I play, I try to be different as much as I can & not the stereotype role, something that touches my heart & soul. . I love acting, I feel like it's what I was born to do and nothing's going to get in my way! I would like to be famous, not for the whole celeb factor thing, but so that more people can see me and be inspired by my passion, and of course so i can get better jobs &I just want to make a difference and to meet people like me. Nothing matters as long as I get there! ‘I grew up looking at all those big posters from the Super Stars & thought that how can I be in line with them but around the age of 20, I stopped and became shy about dreaming in front of mirror. But now no looking back. As a beautiful young actress herself, she’s aware, too, of how easily she could be exploited. She mentions to our Reporter . ‘I find what they do appalling,’ she says. ‘The idea that they’re embracing their sexuality – I don’t see how that equates to leaving nothing to the imagination. I don’t see that as empowering. I just see it as allowing yourself to be manipulated by the money makers. It’s demoralizing and pathetic.’ The very idea of contributing to society is something that drives my mind as I feel I have a social role to play in real life & not in reel life, my mother being a social worker working for the poor & downtrodden sections of the society has been the biggest inspiration to my life. My Mother is my role model & I want to make them proud of my work, social service & of course my professional commitments to be one of the leading actress in mainstream cinema. “I come from a very orthodox family. As I was inclined to act in movies & be , my passion for acting grew with time. Though I love acting, I knew I can’t do roles of a ‘typical’ heroine, so I had to really wait for good scripts which gave me opportunities to learn and perform I am here to stay & prove as I am looking for a dream project to work. Ask her if her family has accepted her career choice and she says, “Since there is no one in the film industry from our family nor do I have a godfather, it was different for them. But they have always supported my choice. They feel now the struggle is finally over. They don’t know that it has just begun for me, 'You don't need a godfather to make it big' 'When I started, I was told if you don't have a godfather, it's difficult to survive in the industry. I can tell you that's not the case.' This gorgeous & stunning actress Pooja Shree is committed to make it big in cinema