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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Posted by : Ethan Thomas on | Oct 22,2019

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro refers to neuron in Greek and linguistic refers to language in Latin. Programming means the method in which how various components of a system work in an organized manner to generate a particular pattern of behavior. The study of how language affects the thought process and behavior is called neuro linguistic programming. It is considered as the software that runs in the brain to control all our mental process.


The activation of any stimulus in any of our senses will initiate a process in the brain that leads to the generation of a thought process or sense. When light fall in our retina a chemical reaction begins that leads to the generation of a set of electrochemical signal to be transmitted to the neurons in the brain called visual cortex. The brain then translates these signals into images that can be recognized by the humans. This image is often linked to some kind of feelings or things like son, fear, chocolate, love etc.


The unprocessed image first formed in the brain when the signal reaches it is called primary experience. It is not interpreted or processed by the brain from our previous experience. The image or meaning that we conceive from the primary experience is called secondary experiences. This is a judgment evolved from the previous experiences that the person was subjected into. Secondary experience is what that the image means to that particular person.


The quantity of information coming into our brain is so enormous and it is unable to hold everything.  The brain will store only information that are considered to relevant and required to reduce to quantity to be remembered. This process is called filtration and depends on the capability of a person. Some information will be deleted, distorted or generalized. The brain will soon develop a method to filter the information automatically. This filtration will be based on the character, belief, previous experiences, conclusions and values in life of the person.


So when something is happening in the world, the brain will get the primary experience which gets filtered in the brain and some of the secondary experiences will be stored in the brain. These secondary experiences form the background for decision making and the way to direct our thoughts. This is called internal representation which includes images, sounds, tastes, smells and feelings representing secondary experiences.


The IR of a person affects our physiology which in turn influences our external behavior. So the thoughts in the mind cause external reactions. Hence the external reactions can be analyzed to identify the thoughts behind it. This technique is used by hypnosis to identify the thoughts of a person.


Richard Joseph, a regular writer and blogger has contributed this article. He works at a company and loves to write at his free time. He also has great knowledge of marketing conferences.