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Need To Know About Navratna Jewelry How It Can Increase Your Profit

Posted by : Pallavi Singh on | Nov 19,2018

Need To Know About Navratna Jewelry How It Can Increase Your Profit

In ancient time and other culture of antiquity, people believed in gemstone had a wide array of health benefits. In modern times, all the gemstones are mostly used for ornaments purposes. In this guide we discuss some use gemstones as a part of their spiritual practices to restore energy fields, gain peace and promote love and safety as a wearing a piece of jewelry made with a specific gem.

According to old-time Vedic and Hindu astrology, gemstones which are believed to correspond with planetary activity and possess properties that benefit the wearer that is called navratna which is Sanskriti words meaning nine gems. These are called diamond, pearl, red coral, orange hessonite garnet, blue sapphire, cat’s eye, yellow sapphire, emerald, and ruby. These nine gems are considered favorable in many Asian countries and by all religion. In traditional Hindu architecture, the nine auspicious gems are placed under the cornerstone and beginning of a new building and also in the particularly in temples. In some countries, the ancient and auspicious order of the nine gems is a royal decoration that is awarded to member of the royal family and exceptionally high ranking officials. It is thoughts that wearers of such jewelry will enjoy well-being. The decoration consists, worn by men and worn by women, navratna ring design and pendants. The diamond is placed at the center of the circle of gems in the pendant. A beautiful royal jewelry known as the nine gems belts has movable jewelry with what appears to be a yellow sapphire at the center. Jewelry that nine gems may have the nine gems set into three, a circular design or various other creative designs. Navratan jewelry may be fashioned for either ladies or men and can take the form of earrings, necklace pendants, brooches, rings or even belt with or yellow precious metals. It may be traditional style or modern and maybe use cut gemstones. They absorb and transmit energy better and thus are more beneficial.

Traditional Indian navratna jewelry has the gems in a circular design, clockwise from the top of the beginning with diamond, and the ruby in the center. It is the thought that the ruby represents the sun. So this is why it is placed at the center. When set into a necklace or bracelets, the ruby is usually placed at the center. According to some, the blue sapphire should point towards the body. Some brides wear one or two pieces of navaratna jewelry because is considered to be auspicious. One carefully chosen navratan piece, such as ring, earring or bangle may constitute special day goes smoothly and the marriage gets off to the best start. The nine sacred gems are thought to not only protect the wearer from negative forces but are also believed to promote positive qualities. These good and bad aspects may refer to a mental attitude, power popularity, intelligence health, wealth, or external consequence. Just as a healthy and balanced lifestyle can help to make life good, navratna jewelry is said to ensure health, wealth and happiness. If enjoy wearing or designing colored gemstone women jewelry are a way of balancing planetary activity with the wearer and joint wealth and protection with beauty and fashion. The nine gem considered to be a way of providing protection and bringing luck to their wearable in one beautiful and colorful piece.