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Naturopathy Diet For Diabetes Treatment

Posted by : Moksha Naturopathy on | Nov 17,2020

Diabetes is a complex and serious disease in which the sugar level and the glucose in the blood becomes high and affects the systems of the human body. A patient suffering from high blood sugar does not have a balanced level of glucose in their blood.

For the body to work properly, the conversion of glucose to energy is essential. A hormone called insulin does this conversion. In the body of diabetic patients, insulin is produced in a very less amount. Whenever a person consumes some food containing sugar, instead of being glucose converted into energy, the glucose stays in the blood resulting in a high blood glucose level. 

Mainly there are two types of diabetes i.e., Type-1, and Type-2. In type-1, the body loses its ability to produce insulin as the immune system kills the beta cell that produces insulin. In type 2, the body continues to make insulin but not in a sufficient amount, which further leads to an increase in glucose level in the blood. Large naturopathic centers are coming out to extend their contribution to the various Diabetes Control Program in India.


Symptoms of Diabetes:


  • Increased urination- When the patients’ urination frequency increases, it is considered as the early sign of diabetes. When the sugar amount is abundant in the blood, more liquid will pass through the kidney.

  • Increase in thirst and dry mouth- Excess thirst is polydipsia and this condition arises due to frequent urination which dehydrates the body.

  • Wounds take time to heal- When the sugar in the blood remains high continuously it harms the nervous system and causes poor blood circulation which reduces the amount of blood required by the skin to repair itself.

Different complications related to diabetes include high blood pressure, heart disease, bacterial infection, blisters, boils, and various other skin issues. In pregnant women, high levels of sugar in the blood can be dangerous for both the mother and child. The risk of birth defects and miscarriages also increases when blood sugar is not controlled on time.


Why Naturopathy is the best treatment for Diabetes:


"Try to treat the cause of the disease, not the effects” is the belief of naturopathy as it promotes the self-healing nature of the body.

  • Acupuncture is a 5000-year-old traditional naturopathic medical system, in which fine hair-thin needles are inserted at various meridians points of the body. Modern acupuncture treatment at naturopathic centers could also help to regulate the function of insulin levels in the body. 

    Some studies also suggest that acupuncture is a quite beneficial treatment to deal with an obesity problem, and thus it can be used along with other diabetic treatments to treat the diabetic patient. Neuropathic acupuncture also helps to reduce insulin resistance and increase insulin sensitivity.

  • Ayurveda is nowadays the most talked topic to treat several ailments found in the human body. It is one of the most holistic treatment methods of diabetes which focuses on the various herbs, changes in lifestyle patterns, a yogic exercise which helps the body to fight against this disease. This has resulted in various Ayurvedic Treatment Center in India that provide the best possible treatment facilities. 

    Ayurvedic treatment at these center includes the health management of patients with herbs, accompanied by diet and lifestyle alteration. The recommended diet includes the avoidance of sugar in any form, reducing weight to the ideal weight. They also focus on adding exercise to the daily routine.


Despite several Diabetes Control Program in India, the number of diabetic patients is rising every year due to the unhealthy lifestyle of people. The naturopath at these ayurvedic treatment center is trained to engage patients in such a way that patients themselves take the control of their health and live a healthy life. After all, a healthy mind lies in a healthy body.