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My Hassle Free home buying experience

Posted by : Pooja Agrawal on | Jun 27,2019

One of the biggest challenges I faced during the initial phase of my career was stepping out from the cosiness of my home. I was chosen for a good rewarding work however the only setback was that it needed to travel to a different location out of the state.


I was born and brought up in Indore and I pursued my whole educational life there within the city limits without ever moving out for any reason. However, after the completion of my education, I was selected by a reputed company that came for campus placement interviews. They offered a good package and assured for a better work-life within the company.


It was all well going for the first few months. I had a good work-life, a better balance between professional and personal life, nice pay scale, and I was performing well at work. With that, I completed my first year in the organization. Suddenly after a few days, I was called for an important announcement by the Head of Department. He mentioned that I was chosen along with a couple of others to move to the company’s Mumbai branch. I was also offered an increased pay scale. It was sort of a sweet slap on my face.


Anyways, I agreed to the offer ready to move out and within a few days, I was in Mumbai. Our organization had made all the living arrangements for us. It was a place which was just enough to occupy us. Yes, we were sharing the same living accommodation. The worst part was the very long commute to and from work. After a few months, the long stressed travelling in rushed trains was showing its effects on me as I was not used to such travelling. Less sleep, lack of concentration on work and other things were affecting the work-life.


So I decided to buy a house near my office which would eliminate the need for commuting. I started to look for rented properties online. One of my colleagues helped me and advised to check out HomeCapital’s website. He mentioned that they not only have multiple properties to offer but also a down payment assistance program that would help me financially. I liked the idea and straight away went on the website and started sorting out the properties.


Among many, the best that I found was the Happinest by Mahindra Lifespaces. It was well suited for my needs and my budget. I received some help from my family in terms of funds. I also applied for a home loan for which HomeCapital helped with their program. They took care of all my financial needs and made sure that my home buying journey was hassle free till the end. I am still thankful for their services and would recommend them to everyone who is looking to buy a home.