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Medium is the message in wireless World

Posted by : Vishwajeet Singh on | Dec 14,2012

In this Connecting Unwired World You regularly come across and explored the internet  where devices and things connect together to  perform tasks and make the work easier.

You will be surprised to know that every time we are adding thousands of information and updating it than we may quantify. We are experiencing a paradigm shift from 90s wired things to 21st centuries unwired, wireless devices to connect to a world of information. where data, are networked. Sociologist are debating on the inanimate objects are getting much more importance in our life than relationship. It replaced the bonds. To perform task, adapt, or help you adapt over time,to perceive things in much broader way.

It creates millions of pages of information that connects online. Now we are having Cloud Connect. We are having more information on web but very few persons to read. If we get more information about each of us, little we exist. Truly we are replacing ourselves. There is a sense of empowerment in technology which emerge along the way, We subconsciously began to crave it. We come insatiable in our pursuit of personalized feedback and in fact it defines us and our relationship.We need good technology to make the things easier. It requires the balance of experience and exchange of human information among living and non living.

This life world  empowered with technology brings devices systems, information, and people closer together to share responsibilities to have