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Meditation Techniques

Posted by : shivani on | Jun 16,2017

Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques Programming is an extremely powerful method with enormous benefits. There are many meditation techniques to eliminate any blockage that one might feel in the subtle body. Without knowledge of appropriate meditation techniques, self-healing and spiritual awareness are not possible.

Meditation is an approach to train the mind, similar to how physical fitness is an approach to form the body. But many meditation techniques exist and different meditation practices require different mental skills. It is extremely difficult for a beginner to sit for hours and think of nothing or have an "empty mind". But in general, the easiest way to start meditating is to focus on the breath.

Meditation concentration technique

Concentration in meditation involves focusing on a single point. This could involve following the breath, repeating a single word or mantra, watching a candle flame, listening to a repetitive gong or counting beads on a Mala. As the concentration of the mind is a challenge, a beginner can only meditate for a few minutes and then work up longer durations. Through this process, the ability to concentrate improves.

Mindfulness Technique in Meditation

Consciousness in meditation encourages the practitioner to observe lost thoughts as they pass through the mind. The intention is not to get involved in the thoughts or to judge them, but simply to be aware of every mental note as it presents itself.

Through reflective meditation, one can see how his thoughts and feelings tend to move into particular patterns. Over time, one can become aware of the human tendency to quickly judge an experience as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. With practice, an internal balance develops.

Meditation Breathing Technique

Meditation exercises increase attention and awareness. The most powerful way to meditate and achieve goals is to focus on breathing. There are common breathing techniques that are incorporated into meditation.

Other Meditation Techniques

There are various other meditation techniques. For example, a practice of daily meditation among Buddhist monks focuses directly on the culture of compassion. This involves considering negative events and remaking them in a positive light by transforming them through compassion. There are also moving meditation techniques, such as Tai Chi, Qigong and Traditional Meditation.