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Mahseer angling in India

Posted by : siteopener on | Jul 23,2013

Fishing India is the major industry and most important sector in the coastal regions. With long coastline and freshwater resources fishing industry gives employment to millions of people.  Fishing India also contributes a lot to food industry and millions of people are directly or indirectly dependent on this Industry. Fishing India has gained lot of popularity since independence and has doubled between 1990 and 2010. Fisheries generate revenues for not only Food Industry but also for Tour and Travel Industry. Many Fishing Tours are organised at different places in India and people look forward to enjoy this new experience. Before organising the fishing camp tour operators will have to arrange for Fishing Licence which is easily available at a nominal price. If you are a nature-lover or a photographer and above all an angler then India is the best place with some of the best fishing tours.

For Fishing India, we need to take permit from Forest Department if we are organising fishing camps within the park. With tremendous increase in Fishing India, Indian government has laid down strict rules and regulations for these fishing companies for example there was a suggestion from State Forest Department to suspend Mahseer angling in India especially near stretches of Cauvery River and nearby allocated areas.  Mahseer Fish is found in Malaysia, Indonesia, across Southern Asia including Indian Peninsula. Mahseer fish food is considered to be extremely exotic and highly admired. Mahseer fish food is in huge demand and sells at high market price. Because of this huge demand, overfishing and increase of river pollution this specie is considered in danger of extinction and therefore Mahseer angling in India is prohibited in certain areas.

An angler enchants to catch Mahseer at least once in his lifetime. People from all over the world visit our country to experience Mahseer angling in India. Different varieties of Mahseer are available like Red Fin Mahseer and Grey Mahseer but the most commonly found ones are Golden Mahseer. This is an endangered species and therefore Mahseer angling in India is strictly on catch and release basis. Anglers who infringe these laws have to face serious consequences.

Fishing is an addictive activity for both experienced angler and for a fresher who is trying his hand on this sport for the first time. It is the activity which can be enjoyed by people of any age group under strict rules and regulations. It is a year round activity except in the monsoons as this is the breeding season for fishes.