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Posted by : sanchita pandey on | Oct 11,2012

Hello friends,

I am a real person with real emotions,real friends and yes,real enthusiasm.I still write to my grandma in my most beautiful handwriting,pour my heart out,because I know that she will read my letter again and again,everyday and keep it back under her pillow.I still read my choicest books nicely seated on my chair and love the sound of it's fluttering pages.My mother's hug in the morning makes my day.The nearby shop is the meeting place for all my friends and I am acquainted with all my neighbours because we meet there nearly everyday.We are a good team of friends while cycling and in the football ground,perfecting the sport everyday.

Just like I operate my music system,washing machine,I also sit with my laptop,check my database and e-mails etc. and that's it.The virtual world is a part of my life----It is not my life.How can something which in itself is virtual,make you feel real----the real YOU?

Nowadays it is becoming an addiction among the youth.Their mobiles and laptops have become a part of their personality.Their concentration span has reduced,they don't seem to enjoy silence and the word privacy has gone into the winds.They lie to their friends and family about their whereabouts as they are always accessible through mobile.It is a copy-paste generation today.Automatic portraits and on-line music classes define their creativity.

Playing computer games and learning machine language,finding long lost classmates in the facebook and downloading music and videos is their favourite passtime.Their whole world is trapped in their laptop:when the box closes,their world closes.

I believe in carrying my emotions in my heart.It sparks poetry and creativity in me.Address today means e-mail address----it is a friendship pertaining to work only.Friends,ask me my address and I'll invite you home.

On-line classes are mere programmes to obtain a degree and job.There is no love for the subject and no teacher and taught relationship.Everything is so mechanical.

Well,that's not me.I like my real world where we speak the language of love,exchange our emotions and are there body and soul for those in need.Yes,the virtual world has increased our pace of work but today we ourselves are unable to keep pace with this speed.Technology has been invented by us and should be kept as our slave.Today,like a master it is whipping us to run and giving us sleepless nights,health problems,facebook addictions and broken families.The irony of the virtual world is that you find your long lost friends and chat with them but you don't have time to look into the eyes and share a smile with your loved ones living under the same roof.And you call this communication and information technology!It is a vast virtual world where we have lost our peace of mind and tranquaility.

I too wield the power of technology and virtual world but I am in control.The virtual world is for'' ra-one and g-one''!The real world is my abode.The loving vibrations from all my friends and family,can be felt only in our real world.The internet can fetch you the latest photos of gadgets and their prices,can show you the intricate designs on the ceiling of Taj Mahal and the most beautiful waterfalls of the world,but sitting in its company for long hours alienates you from your own world so much that you don't know who your new neighbour is and you also don't realise that the next patient to complain of headache and spondilitis is no one else but YOU!Thanks to your virtual world.