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Know the reasons for denial for Canadian PR application

Posted by : Everest Educational Services Inc. on | Jul 08,2021

Unsatisfactory Medical Records

Canada opens doors for numerous opportunities for the immigrants when it comes to getting a Permanent Residency status but many applicants who apply for PR feel disappointed as they get their PR applications rejected for various reasons. There are many issues for the denial of the applications included the below-listed ones.

The Canadian government plans to invite 351,000 individuals to become Permanent Residents during 2021 and that number continues to rise.

·        Disqualification

·Migrating to another nation is a complex process that requires proper experience to make decisions within a short time. You must take the support of authorized visa consultants in Ludhiana- Punjab, India to save your time and effort to prepare proper documents and give genuine information to apply for Permanent Resident status in the country. 


You must calculate your score in the CRS system for Express Entry and add all points that help you getting PR based on your age, education standard, official language proficiency, second official language proficiency, area of expertise, provincial preferences, and work experience in Canada. Moreover, applicants are required to prove that they possess sufficient funds to support themselves and their family members unless they can already legally work in having a valid offer from an employer in the country. Anyone can apply for PR in Canada but qualified persons will be accepted by the Canadian system. If you have studied in Canada and want to apply for a PR status then education visa consultants working in Ludhiana- Punjab, Delhi- India are ideal experts for you to guide you every step of getting PR in Canada successfully.