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Chaitra Navratri

Is Your Teen Troubling You How To Handle

Posted by : Parul Mathur on | Oct 21,2012

Teenage falls between 13 years to 19 years of life. What they do in these important years of their life determines their whole future. Making good choices in relationships, career, health and overall wellness will set the pace of your teen’s entire life. During teenage they are often trapped in confusing feelings, thoughts and experiences.

          Given you have a teenager have you ever bothered to look at yourself through their eyes? For parents of teenagers, communication can be a big challenge. During this age, both parents and teens renegotiate their relationship to each other. Keep those lines of communication open and continue to respect the transitions that you are both going through in your life.

Have a strategy to deal with your teen to correct behavioral problems. Here are few things to be kept in mind when doing this.

Be An Aware Parent

First step in dealing with this is to determine the root cause of the problem. It can be due to drug use, sexual exploration, criminal activities, ego or self-esteem issues.

Deal With Care

Express that you love them. Maintain a compassionate, caring bond with your teen. Let them know that you relate with their pain and this is painful for you as well. Never try to disengage from you teen. Focus on the teen you love, not on the behavior you don’t.

Watch For Problem Indicators

Keep an eye on problem indicators like falling school grades, lack of normal activities and other suspicious activities. Trouble might be around the corner.

Instill strength and Positivity In them

Don’t forget the positive aspects of their personality and accomplishments. Focus on their positive traits. Also never forget to bring it to your teen’s notice.

Be A Role Model

Stick to your integrity, try to set example for them. They really look up to you.

Try To Be In Their Shoes

Make an effort and see the world through your teen’s eyes. Don’t compare your time when you were a teenager with the present time.

Adapt Accordingly

A teen is a fresh new evolving person. So adapt accordingly. Let them bloom.

Let By Gones Be By Gones

Bury the past, once a problem is solved. Don’t make this worse by reminding the past again in the heat of arguments. Don’t get stuck. Instead make them understand that you still trust them.

Respect Them And Their Privacy

Don’t spy on their phone, internet history etc. Let them make their own identity. A healthy relationship encourages your teen to trust you with their secrets.

Be Firm In Authority

Be fun but be firm in your authority. In times of big problems, emergencies and dangerous situations assert your authority. Make them understand that you are still the “parent”, who will have the right to take final decision and in case they are on the wrong side they have to obey you.

Make Them Understand The consequences

Make them understand that they will have to face the consequences alone. Whatever choices one makes, they reap the rewards.