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Chaitra Navratri

Is Our Online Medical Shop legal

Posted by : Chemists World on | Dec 28,2019

Is Our Online Medical Shop legal

Whether an online medical shop is legal or not entirely depends on the country of origin. While some countries have legalizedthe selling of drugs through online pharmacies while it is illegal in some countries.

Legal Indian online pharmacies cannot sell below-mentioned drugs and must follow rules:

·         Drugs without prescription

·         Schedule X drugs

·         They must provide a valid invoice.

·         They expedite medicine recall uponthe government’s direction

·         They must pack medicines in the tamper-proof cover under supervision of the registered pharmacist

How to recognize an illegal online pharmacy?

The number of fake pharmacies and fake doctors and increasing rapidly. Hence, it becomes important to identify illegal online pharmacies that sell unauthorized drugs, drugs without prescription, and counterfeit drugs.

To find whether an online pharmacy is eligible to dispense drugs, registered then you can do the following:

·         You must check the registration number of the online medical shop and cross-check at the website of the regulatory body.

·         You must check that an online pharmacy must ask for a prescription before delivering your medicines. If not, you must avoid purchasing your medicine fromthe online drug store.

·         You must searchthe internet for any complaints against a particular online pharmacy. If you find any warningor recommendations, you must not buy your medicines from that pharmacy.

·         You must also check for a physical address foran online drug store. If you are not able to find a proper address or if the address doesn’t exist, you must never buy medicines from that pharmacy.


Advantages of buying medicines from online medical shop


·         Drugs at discounted rates- Online pharmacies provide medicines at the discounted price that allows you to buy the entire requirement of medicines without exceeding the budget. This feature is helpful for those people with limited income. All you need to upload the prescription at the online drug store and the medicines will be delivered at the doorstep.


·         Order Medicines conveniently- You can order all medicines simply by downloading the mobile app from the convenience of the home. Moreover, disabled individuals, elderly people, and frail that are homebound are benefitted significantly by ordering medicines from online pharmacies.Additionally, if you are on some rare drugs that are not available at physical stores, you can buy it online easily.


·         Learn more about your medications- While ordering medicines through online medical shop, you can also search for some basic details on them. So, if you have any queries regarding medicines prescribed by doctor, you can get answers from the online pharmacy. You can also take the advice of a licensed pharmacist.



Hence, we have mentioned many points that will help to identify the right online medical shop.