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Is Kotlin performing up to its programming language popularity

Posted by : Simone watson on | Dec 17,2020

Is Kotlin performing up to its programming language popularity

In recent years the android prior programming and coding language Kotlin was declared and officially certified by Google for development usage. It was recognized as a first-class language for app development compatible with the android operating system. Then its prominence appearance in the list of the world's most popular programming languages started in the major reports like HackerRank’s annual Developer Skills Report. 

There is a point to think it over that is Kotlin app development performing as per its popularity? This question is important after taking a glance at the report of the latest TIOBE Index where the language got its rank dropped from 36 to 40 in the listed place over the last year. TIOBE calculates the ranking based on data observed from the information of resources and aggregators, like Wikipedia and YouTube. As this is a rule that all top qualifying coding languages must have their own Wikipedia entry along with this the language has to be the Turing complete, also earn more than 5,000 hits for +” <language> programming” on Google. 

Given TIOBE’s methodology, Kotlin is a popular language but generating a buzz with a competition with Python, Java, and other, larger languages can be unsafe to say. But in coming years company, things have changed and could do better, just like look at the swift language launched by Apple in 2014 for the replacement of old age language objective-C. despite the company’s aggressive push, this will take many years to properly overcome the language being used from many years before. On this month’s TIOBE Index, swift is pointing several features of objective-C and falling rapidly to begin challenging they may soon begin to challenge Groovy, SQL, and PHP.

Similar things can happen with the Kotlin programming language if google continues to support and push it harder as Apple has continued to support swift programming language. Certainly, Google has provided enough resources to its developers to utilize Kotlin in most of the projects. The Android Basics in Kotlin course is also available that offers a step-by-step instructional study on how to use an android studio with Kotlin to build android mobile apps.

Also, for the instance there are many google powered courses based on programming languages like Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers, Android Kotlin Fundamentals, there are more courses that are designed for expert and professional developers like Advanced Android in Kotlin.

If you are analyzing and confused about that is it worth if learning or spending time then consider that according to the hacker rank report 2020 that represent info about developer skill Kotlin was the third among coding languages that developer are looking to learn. The language might be still on the lower side but it is having the buzz and all the indications go to positively gained attraction its ranking will rise and take it to the top.


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