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Investment Banking Courses That Ensure 100 Placement In Corporates

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Jan 02,2020

Investment banking is a lucrative career that gives finance professionals a boost in their careers. Training in an investment banking course lets you learn about the different financial aspects of corporates and global industries. You will have the right knowledge to help your clients in making investment options. They provide a huge platform for career and personal growth. There is a list of courses you can choose from depending on the area of expertise you are willing to polish.

Advantages of investment banking courses

- You can start with a good salary package

- There is no limit to how much you earn as an investment banker

- Your pay scale increases as you add value to the organization by getting deals

- You get a chance to spend time with smartest people with clear objectives

- It boosts your intellectual abilities and professional expertise

- You work with the most reputed global banks

- You get best perks and incentives as an investment banker

- Learn a good deal about financial modeling and markets

- Learn to use various banking tools and software

- Risk management and credit analysis

- Understand the structure and working of various financial verticals such as credit analysis, risk management, asset management, etc.

- Understand the financial modeling of various sectors

- Learn about corporate restructuring

- Build financial models for various sectors from scratch

- Learn about the acquisition and mergers of companies

- A practical learning experience to read financial statements, calculate various financial aspects of a company

- Understand pricing, transactions, buyers, and equity models

Types of investment banking courses
Finance professionals can seek career growth by choosing from these courses in investment banking. You can choose from a variety of career options in the investment banking sector such as capital markets, treasury, research analyst, and more.

- Equity research and financial modeling course teach the fundamentals of financial modeling and valuation with real-time cases, understanding corporate finance, etc.

- Investment banking operations International gives you an understanding of foreign exchange, the trade life cycle of equities, derivatives, etc

- The research analyst course teaches you how to buy, sell, understand company financials, create fully-functional financial models, and more.

Risk management essentials
You understand potential financial risks and come up with action plans to mitigate them. You understand various risks a business has to deal with such as credit risk, legal risk, etc. There are many risk management courses you can choose from as every company is looking for a professional who has strong financial assessment skills and can identify security risks and control them.

- A certified risk manager is a program is designed to help you learn about financial risks, liabilities, crisis management, and the best strategies to implement solutions.

- A financial risk management program is designed to help you recognize markets, analyze them for credit and operational risks, commercial risk, etc.

There are many courses in investment banking and risk management that you can choose from if you want to seek growth in the financial sector. You can work in various sectors that seek business and enterprise growth at a global level.